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The acanthocephalan parasite Polymorphic minutes alters the geotactic and clinging behaviours of two sympatric amphipod hosts: the native Gammarus pulex and the invasive Gommants roeseli.
While remaining habitat was upstream, it moved down the canyon in a positively geotactic manner and remained oriented in the stream channel even when climbing over and around obstructions such as cobbles and woody debris.
Specifically, we observe that adult flies that are heterozygous mutant for genes within this genomic interval, exhibit deficits in locomotion, geotactic behaviors and the righting reflex.
Emerging adults exhibit a negative geotactic response, rising up in the cage to a boll-weevil trap where they can be easily removed and counted.
fimbriatus was both positively phototaxic and negatively geotactic and was aware that Dolomedes preferred damp habitats.
Divergent selection for geotactic response and evolution of reproductive isolation in sympatric and allopatric populations of houseflies.
Instead, deflections of the mechanoresponsive pacemaker balancer cilia by the statolith have been shown to mediate geotactic behavior (4, 14-16).