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 (jē′ō-thûr′məl) also ge·o·ther·mic (-mĭk)
Of or relating to the internal heat of the earth.

ge′o·ther′mal·ly adv.


(Geological Science) in a geothermal manner
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Adv.1.geothermally - by means of heat from the interior of the earth
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It is released through deep-sea vents that are geothermally heated fissures on Earth's crust.
The word "travertine" is an Italian word that is derived from the Latin word "tiburtinus of tibur." Modern travertine tiles are formed by the mixing of geothermally heated supersaturated alkaline waters with pCO2.
Geothermally heated to 106[degrees], the rock-ringed pools provide a steamy place to view the Northern Lights on subzero winter days.
A comparison of Antarctic euphausiids sampled by net and from geothermally heated waters: insights into sampling bias.
Thanks to prehistoric volcanic activity, geothermally heated water percolates throughout the lost-in-time town of Calistoga.
The building is heated and cooled with TABS, geothermally fed (i) directly during cooling and (ii) indirectly via intermediary heat pumps during heating (the heat pumps are bypassed during cooling).
7) explores a landscape very different from the Isle of Portland: the Devil's Valley in Tuscany, a geothermally active place of drifting steam, sulphurous rocks and boiling pools.
If you've never seen Boise's Natatorium, with its geothermally heated pools, roller coaster, and other amusements, that's not surprising.
Iceland's first geothermally heated building opened in the 1930s and this rich asset now heats all of Reykjavik, as well as more than 90 per cent of buildings across the entire country.
Built on 8oo-year-old lava flows and surrounded by silica-rich, geothermally heated waters, The Retreat's spare geometries draw inspiration from the environment while taking care not to detract from it.
Akranes has a geothermally heated swimming pool, as would be expected, together with an art exhibition at the top of the lighthouse.
Hydrothermal vents--fissures in the planet's surface that release geothermally heated water --are known for their deposits of gold, silver, and zinc.