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 (jē′ō-thûr′məl) also ge·o·ther·mic (-mĭk)
Of or relating to the internal heat of the earth.

ge′o·ther′mal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.geothermic - of or relating to the heat in the interior of the earth
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Much future research remains to be done to identify population trends, phenology, changes in habitat, distributional effects of climate change, and the importance of geothermic springs as winter refugia and breeding habitat in the North.
TO DEC 2019 With its astonishing cosmic displays of the Northern Lights, bursts of geothermic water from prehistoric geysers and cinematic landscapes dominated by snow-topped mountain ranges, the vast volcanic laboratory of Iceland exhibits unforgettable natural treasures.
Arsenic occurs naturally in sea, ground water in areas of high geothermic activity and mountainous terrains.
These colours are caused by pigmented thermophilic bacteria that thrive on the rich minerals produced by the geothermic activity.' She is passionate about Nature and wildlife.
Dundee University scientists are looking at geothermic piles, which heat and power large buildings through plumbed underground pipes.
An unsteady simulative model of geothermic heat pipe snow melting system was built by Zhang et al.
A 720-mile trek takes you past 19 different soaks, ranging from the world's largest mineral hot-springs pool and geothermic vapor caves in Glenwood Springs to intimate and rustic natural steam baths in Chaffee County.
Responsible or not, Nicaragua has made a significant effort in recent years to reduce emissions by embarking on what some observers describe as a green-energy "revolution." A dozen years ago, when Nicaraguan authorities introduced legislation aimed at diversifying its oil-dependent energy sector, only a fifth of the country's electricity came from renewable sources such as hydroelectric dams, wind farms, or geothermic plants powered by subterranean volcanic vents (NotiCen, Nov.
Thermal conductivity is a thermodynamic parameter playing an important role in the heat transfer process in geothermic and numerous engineering fields.