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An oily liquid aldehyde, C10H16O, having a strong lemon odor, that is the major constituent of naturally derived citral, used in perfumes and flavorings.

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(Elements & Compounds) the cis- isomer of citral
[C19: from gerani(um) + al(dehyde)]
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Dane z pismiennictwa wskazuja, ze glownymi skladnikami olejku z melisy lekarskiej sa neral i geranial. Abdellatif i wsp.
The compounds produced by the essential oil of lime leaves include limonene, [beta] pinen, sabinene, (E)-[beta]-Ocimene, a-pinen, myrcene, linalool, geranial, neral, citronellol, geranilacetate, nerilacetate, geraniol, and anti fungal nerol (17).
In geranial, the financial data and statements of companies are incomplete with missing values, interference values, or outliners.
In general, the five most abundant volatile compounds (in a decreasing order) in the juices of these three citrus fruits were limonene (mean of 47.1%), linalool (21.1%), [beta]-pinene (4.7%), linalyl acetate (4.6%), and geranial (4.0%) (Table 4).
Ninety-three percent of EO composition was identified and the major constituents (> 1.5%) were: geranial or acitral (45.7%), neral or [beta]-citral (32.1%), Z-verbenol (2.4%), citronellol (2.0%), Z-geraniol (2.0%) and caryophyllene (1.7%).
Linalool, geraniol, geranial, methyl chavicol and eugenol were active components against A.
The active principle proposed to be responsible for antifungal activity of Cymbopogon citratus is Geranial, Neral, and Limonene.18 Cym-0bopogon citratus has also shown to inhibit adhesions of Candida albicans in human buccal epithelielial cells in vitro.19
citriodora from Portugal were geranial (26.80% to 38.30%), neral (20.80% to 29.60%), and limonene (5.70% to 20.60%) [13].
For LA1EO, 25 components were identified, with predominance of geranial (35.82%), neral (26.44%), and p-cymene (9.84%).