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 (jə-rā′nē-ôl′, -ōl′, -ŏl′)
A fragrant, pale yellow liquid alcohol, C10H18O, derived chiefly from the oils of geranium and citronella and used in cosmetics and flavorings.

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(dʒɪˈreɪnɪˌɒl; dʒɪˈrɑː-)
(Elements & Compounds) a colourless or pale yellow terpine alcohol with an odour of roses, found in many essential oils: used in perfumery. Formula: C10H18O
[C19: from gerani(um + alcoh)ol]
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The "active ingredient" is geraniol, constituent of rose oil.
Increasing applications of perfumery chemicals such as geraniol is expected to have an influence on the global sales of citronella oil.
The report takes a closer look at the demand dynamics of various composition types in the home insecticides market such as N,N-diethyl-meta-Toluamide (DEET), hydroxyethyl isobutyl piperidine carboxylate (picaridin or icaridin), geraniol, and citronella oil.
'Imli' (Tamarind) contains many volatile phytochemicals such as limonene, geraniol, safrole, cinnamic acid, methyl salicylate, pyrazine and alkylthiazoles.
(Fragrance/parfum, benzyl salicylate, geraniol, linalool,
The main components of the oils were citronellal (35.47%; RI = 1154), geraniol (21.83%; RI = 1256), and citronellol (10.94%; RI = 1229) in C.
Typical seed oil is composed of I3-terpinene, camphor, limonene, geraniol and myrcene (Matasyoh et al., 2009).
Furthermore, we offer aroma ingredients such as citral, geraniol and L-menthol.
Geraniol, an acyclic monoterpene alcohol (Fig 1) is the major component of numerous essential oils like geranium oil, palmrosa oil, ninde oil, rose oil and citronella oil (16).
Homan says many clients prefer products made with plant oils, and he often offers trays of repellent bracelets for guests, such as the Cliganic Insect Repellent Band, made with oils including geraniol, lemon grass and citronella.
Each shelter contained one of two odors, hexanol or geraniol, and subjects (n = 8) were randomly assigned to a shelter.