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 (gûr′bər-ə, jûr′-) also ger·ber daisy (-bər)
Any of several rosette-forming plants of the genus Gerbera of the composite family, widely cultivated for their colorful daisylike flower heads.

[After Traugott Gerber (1710-1743), German physician and botanist.]
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(Plants) any plant of the perennial genus Gerbera, esp the Barberton daisy from S. Africa, G. jamesonii, grown, usually as a greenhouse plant, for its large brightly coloured daisy-like flowers: family Asteraceae
[named after Traugott Gerber (died 1743), German naturalist]
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Noun1.gerbera - genus of South African or Asiatic herbs: African daisiesGerbera - genus of South African or Asiatic herbs: African daisies
asterid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous herbs and some trees and shrubs
aster family, Asteraceae, Compositae, family Asteraceae, family Compositae - plants with heads composed of many florets: aster; daisy; dandelion; goldenrod; marigold; lettuces; ragweed; sunflower; thistle; zinnia
African daisy - African or Asiatic herbs with daisylike flowers
Barberton daisy, Gerbera jamesonii, Transvaal daisy - widely cultivated South African perennial having flower heads with orange to flame-colored rays
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St Giles Hospice has united with families to celebrate the lives of their loved ones with an orange Gerbera.
Moreover, a dozen of carnation and local gerbera cost P180.
Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii) from the Asteraceae family with scientific name is one of the world's best cut flowers.
They will hand out pink gerbera flowers and help keep children entertained.
While daisies are known for symbolising beauty, innocence and purity, the Gerbera variety of daisies, owing to its large blooms and bright colours, gives them the additional meaning of cheerfulness.
You can find different option to choose flowers with affordable price, Orchids, Carnations, lilly, Gerbera, roses either single stemmed flowers or designed beautifully & offered as Vase flower arrangements.
India has a vast potential to grow good quality Gerbera. Area under Gerbera cultivation in Tamil Nadu is around 25 ha with production of 53 lakh cut flowers at an estimated value of Rs.
One of the most important species in the trade of cut flowers is the gerbera that is very popular in the market due mainly to its wide variety of colors and shapes, however, most varieties has a very short vase life.
Berth occupancy was 55% at the port on Thursday where a total six ships namely Maersk Senang, UASC Alkhor, Ikan Parang, Stolt Vinland, Argent Gerbera and Royal Aqua are currently occupying berths to load/ offload Containers, Cement, S, Coil, Chemical and Edible Oil.
Prices start at PS40 for the gerbera and rose handtied bouquet.