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 (jûr′făl′kən, -fôl′-, -fô′-)
Variant of gyrfalcon.
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(ˈdʒɜːˌfɔːlkən; -ˌfɔːkən)
(Animals) a variant spelling of gyrfalcon
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(ˈdʒɜrˌfɔl kən, -ˌfæl-, -ˌfɔ kən)

a large falcon, Falco rusticolus, of arctic and subarctic regions, having white to dark color phases.
[1300–50; Middle English gerfaucon, jerfacoun < Old French, =ger- (probably < Old High German gīr vulture; compare lammergeier) + faucon falcon; compare Old Norse geirfalki]
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Noun1.gerfalcon - large and rare Arctic falcon having white and dark color phasesgerfalcon - large and rare Arctic falcon having white and dark color phases
falcon - diurnal birds of prey having long pointed powerful wings adapted for swift flight
Falco, genus Falco - a genus of Falconidae
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I had but one gerfalcon, and he died day before yesterday."
One of the pages carried two gerfalcons upon a perch, the other a hunting-horn, which he blew with a careless note at twenty paces from the castle.
A few rich settles and bancals, choicely carved and decorated with glazed leather hangings of the sort termed or basane , completed the furniture of the apartment, save that at one side of the dais there stood a lofty perch, upon which a cast of three solemn Prussian gerfalcons sat, hooded and jesseled, as silent and motionless as the royal fowler who stood beside them.
We've got Give Way Nelson (f Mount Nelson - Give A Whistle) a nice half-sister to Gerfalcon. She's working really well.
He was possibly in front a little too long as he drifted slight and maybe idled, allowing the wellregarded and Group One-bound Gerfalcon to collar him close home.
He was possibly in front a little too long as he drifted slight and maybe idled, allowing the well-regarded and Group One-bound Gerfalcon to collar him close home.
GOLD CITY (Saeed bin Suroor) Saeed bin Suroor's Gold City lost his unbeaten record in Ripon's two-year-old Listed race but he lost little else in defeat to the decent Gerfalcon. He travelled well throughout but probably led for too long.
GERFALCON can take the next step along the racing ladder in the Ripon Champion Two-Year-Old Trophy.
The likes of Redact and Gold City are worthy foes here, but Gerfalcon arguably has the greater scope to make a seamless transition into Group company.
Horses to follow: Apache, Attracted To You, Bartolomeu, Bridgefield, Earl Of Carrick, Flambeau, Forest Row, Fort Bastion, Gerfalcon, Isabella Gem, Kanaf, Law To Himself, Man Of Action, Markab, Mezmaar, Modun, Mon Visage, Norman Orphan, Palazzo Bianco, Pintura, Red Duke, Sooraah, Swingland, Yair Hill.
The occurrence in line 1434-35 is unique in having a non-human animate subject: Caqan sinqor naran sara qoyar-i ad-qu-n nis-[c]u ire-ju qar deere min-u tuu-ba '[In my dream] a white gerfalcon flew down to me holding the sun and moon [in its claws], and alighted on my hand'.
Chambers's Book of Days observes that "the grade of the hawk-bearer was known also by the bird he bore": a gerfalcon (for a king), a falcon-gentle (for a prince), a falcon of the rock (for a duke), a pere-grine-falcon (for an earl), a merlin (for a lady), a goshawk (for a yeoman), a nobby (for a young man), a kestrel (for the ordinary servingman).(17) Two other players carry a model church and a model boat: do these represent larger sets the troupe would have carted with them--or did traveling players use economical, "Brechtian" indicators in production?