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Noun1.germ pore - a pore in the outer wall of a spore or pollen grain through which the germ tube or pollen tube makes its exit on germination
stoma, stomate, pore - a minute epidermal pore in a leaf or stem through which gases and water vapor can pass
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An embryo in frontal view is oriented so that the germ pore is closer to the viewer than the root cap.
At the tip of the coleoptile, a germ pore is visible (Fig.
TELIOSPORES oblong or ellipsoid, conical or rounded at apex, basal mostly roundish, slightly constricted or not constricted at the septum, 37.5-47.5 x 22.5-25 um, sometimes 1-celled and elongated, usually two-celled, walls smooth, hyaline to yellowish and chestnut brown, spore wall thickness at the sides 2.0-3.0 um, apical wall may be thickened up to 3 um, 2-germ pores, germ pore of the upper cell is apical, of the lower cell nearly basal or adjacent to pedicel, with distinct hyaline papilla over the pore, 5-7.5 x 9-12 um, pedicel hyaline, fragile, 47-107 x 4-8.5 um.
TELIOSPORES 2-celled, ellipsoid to obovoid, spherical at both ends, slightly or not constricted at the septum, 22.5-27.5 x 20-22.5 um, chestnut brown, verrucose, wall 2-4.5um, thick at sides, papilla hyaline, 4-5 x 10-12.5 um, apex rounded, germ pores 2 and equatorial; Pedicel hyaline, 10-47.5 x 5-10 um, delicate.
Basidiospores 10.5-14 (-14.5) x (6-) 6.5-8 (-9) [micro]m, Q = 1.47-1.87 (-2), [Q.sub.m] = 1.66, n= 83/2/2, ellipsoid to oblong in face and side view, apically truncated by a large germ pore [less than or equal to] 2.5 [micro]m.
yellowish under KOH and with a reduced and inconspicuous germ pore (Cortez & Silveira, 2008).
On the basis of a study of coprophilous fungi from Zulia state, Venezuela, one specie of the family Coniochaetaceae, with cleistothecial ascocarp and ascospores with germ pore was isolated from dove dung.
4: Lucida drawings of Puccinia nitidula (A) Urediniospores showing echinulate ornamentation and germ pores (B) Teliospores showing apical germ pore in distal cell and at the septum or near the pedicel in proximal cell.
Mature pollen grains are two-celled with three germ pores. The ovules are anatropous, bitegminous, and tenuinucellate.
bartlettii, is described, which has certain characteristics of the microascaceae pyrenomycete with two germ pores. The two described species of this genus are discussed here: Lophotrichus ampullus isolated from goat, fox, hen, dog, turkey, horse, cow, calf, and turtles dungs, L.
Urediniospores globose, hyaline to light brown, 17-24 x 20-27 um; wall 1-1.5 um thick, echinulate; germ pores upto 8, obscure, scattered; paraphyses capitate, abundant, constricted at the neck, hyaline to light brown, 30-70 um long, apex 10-16 um wide while 5-10 um wide at the base, wall 1-1.5 um thick.