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Free of microorganisms.


(ˈstɛr ɪl; esp. Brit. -aɪl)

1. free from living germs or microorganisms; aseptic.
2. incapable of producing offspring; infertile.
3. barren; not producing vegetation: sterile soil.
a. noting a plant in which reproductive structures fail to develop.
b. bearing no stamens or pistils.
5. not productive of results, ideas, etc.; fruitless.
[1545–55; < Latin sterilis]
ster′ile•ly, adv.
ste•ril•i•ty (stəˈrɪl ɪ ti) n.
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Adj.1.germfree - free from germs or pathogenic organisms; sterile; "a germfree environment"
antiseptic - thoroughly clean and free of or destructive to disease-causing organisms; "doctors in antiseptic green coats"; "the antiseptic effect of alcohol"; "it is said that marjoram has antiseptic qualities"
germy - full of germs or pathological microorganisms; "the water in New York harbor is oily and dirty and germy"
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