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germination of a bean seed


v. ger·mi·nat·ed, ger·mi·nat·ing, ger·mi·nates
To cause to sprout or grow.
1. To begin to sprout or grow.
2. To come into existence: An idea germinated in his mind.

[Latin germināre, germināt-, to sprout, from germen, germin-, sprout, bud; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]

ger′mi·na′tion n.
ger′mi·na′tive adj.
ger′mi·na′tor n.
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The cyst wall contains an outer fibrous laminated layer and an inner germinative layer.
Basal cell carcinoma displays a profile of cytokeratin expression similar to follicular germinative cells, characterized by CK5/6 and CK14 expression and the absence of CK20.
Values below 9% for water content of dry seed at stage from 25 to 55 DAA (Figure 2B) are close to the used as reference for the maintenance of physiological and germinative capacity (WALTERS, 2015).
These cells exhibit mitotic activity, with maximum mitotic activity in the germinative zone encircling the pre-equatorial area of the anterior lens capsule.
The wall of the cysts is formed by cytoplasmic extensions of the Sertoli cells and in each cyst the germinative cells were in the same developmental stage (Fig.
The BCC with sebaceous differentiation is differentiated from sebaceous adenoma by having a germinative cell component, which occupies greater than 50% of the transverse diameter of tumour lobules that typically manifest a rounded morphology with areas of slit-like retraction accompanied by mitosis and apoptotic debris.
Probably, the chemical scarification treatment associated with the coating material and coating layer, allowed a better mechanical barrier disruption and, therefore, a significant increase in germinative index in encrusted seeds.
Tumor mass was histopathologically diagnosed as Sebaceous gland adenocarcinoma showing irregular multilobulated appearance of several layers of germinative sebocytes (Fig.
Hermaphrodisme proterandrique et fonctionnement de la zone germinative chez la crevette Pandalus borealis Kroyer.