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germination of a bean seed


v. ger·mi·nat·ed, ger·mi·nat·ing, ger·mi·nates
To cause to sprout or grow.
1. To begin to sprout or grow.
2. To come into existence: An idea germinated in his mind.

[Latin germināre, germināt-, to sprout, from germen, germin-, sprout, bud; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]

ger′mi·na′tion n.
ger′mi·na′tive adj.
ger′mi·na′tor n.
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There is also a germinative matrix, the cluster of proliferative round blue cells that make up the hair bulb; these cells give rise to the hair shaft itself.
On the other hand, release of exosomes to the hydatid fluid by protoescolex and germinative layer has been documented (associated virulence factors have been identified in these structures).
Then the germinative membrane was extracted and rinsed with the cyst fluid in the container to free additional protoscoleces and hydatid sand.
Evaluation of different chemical agents on the germinative layer of sheep hydatid cyst after implantation to peritoneal cavity of BALB/c.
In relation to the MGT, there was no significant interaction between the analyzed factors and, on average the seeds took 2.5 days to complete their germinative process.
[16] Their interactions lead to a high epidermal turnover rate causing increased mitotic activity and increased absolute number of germinative skin cells.
By contrast, infrared radiation trimming is performed on the bird's first day of life in the hatchery, using a high intensity laser that penetrates through the horny layer and prevents growth of the germinative layer.
The use of high-quality seeds is important for crops to reach their growth potential; seed quality can be assessed through factors such as physiological potential and germinative power (Oliveira et al., 2014).
Polidocanol was chosen as a sclerosing agent to destroy the germinative membrane of the cyst, to enhance the sclerosing effect of pure alcohol, and to occlude the relationship between the cyst and vessels, if there was one.
It is not known whether a recurrence of germinative cells tumor when using cryopreserved oocytes from an affected ovary is possible.