Relating to bodily movements or gestures, especially in dancing.

[From obsolete gest, bearing, from French geste, from Old French, from Latin gestus; see gesture.]


(ˈdʒɛstɪk) or


relating to gestures or body movements


(ˈdʒɛs tɪk)

also ges′ti•cal,

pertaining to bodily motions, esp. in dancing.
[1755–65; obsolete gest deportment (< Middle French geste < Latin gestus movement of the limbs, performance =ges-, variant s. of gerere (see gest) + -tus suffix of v. action) + -ic]
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Be that as it may, within the literary domain, literary works in turn take on different textual manifestations in different literary genres: poetry exploits musical properties and a very condensed language as its most prominent features; literary prose--however liberated from certain textual poetical restraints--is still characterized for its phonetic and cohesive effects, thematic concentration, connotative and symbolic power, and structure and style (Newmark, 1988, 1993); drama is gestic and differs from the two other genres on account of its inherent duality of language and acoustic and visual expression (Piette, 2005).
The modules will make it easier to design multi-touch and 3D gesture displays with Microchips award-winning GestIC technology, which offers a hand tracking range of up to 20 centimeters (cm) from the display surface.
51) By gestic music, Brecht has in mind popular forms like the cabaret and the operetta rather than the excessive lyricism of genres like opera where "we see entire rows of human beings transported into a peculiar doped state, wholly passive, sunk without trace.
The 3DTouchPad provides robust and innovative 3D gesture recognition utilizing Microchip's GestIC technology that offers a detection range of up to 10 cm for 3D gestures, along with Microchip's highly responsive projected-capacitive 2D multi-touch solution supporting up to 10 touch points and multi-finger surface gestures.
An example of gestic meaning deduced from music and dance can be given as such:
The GestIC Technology enabled with the MGC3130 serves a wide range of applications in the computing (laptops, keyboards, input devices), lighting (lighting switches and controls), consumer-electronic (audio docks, printers and copiers), and automotive markets (automotive interior controls).
Brechtian theory/feminist theory: Toward a gestic feminist criticism.
If one waves this topic away, saying it is simply impossible or too complex, unthinkable or too costly, perhaps this "waving away" is the contemporary gestic form that the disavowal of coercive expulsion now takes, a trace within everyday discourse that has made an uncanny claim on common sense.
The companies said that the partnership will leverage IDENT's GestIC three-dimensional (3D) gesture control chip together with AUO's 2D multi touch as well as 3D Liquid Crystal Display Modules (LCM) to deliver an LCM display with integrated free-space gesture control functionality.
This gestic communication, without language, is an affective and nondiscursive mode of relation.
Quantitative analysis of finger motion coordination in hand manipulative and gestic acts.
She is more interested in capturing the essence of their ideas and expressing them through a sort of gestic language of the "persona.