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 (gĕt′ə, gĕ′tä)
n. pl. geta or ge·tas
A wooden-soled, elevated sandal traditionally worn in Japan.



(Clothing & Fashion) a type of Japanese wooden sandal


(ˈgɛt ə)

n., pl. -ta, -tas.
a Japanese wooden clog with two transverse supports under the sole, worn outdoors.
[1880–85; < Japanese]
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Noun1.geta - footwear usually with wooden solesgeta - footwear usually with wooden soles  
footgear, footwear - covering for a person's feet
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Pero fue el hispano Paulo Orosio quien definitivamente produjo la identificacion total de godos y getas, propuesta que tendria importantes consecuencias, ya que seria recogida por el gran transmisor de conocimientos que fue Isidoro de Sevilla.
So, you're walkin' the dogs, and somebody says, ``Nice getas.
37) It might be objected that on my hypothesis he should then have met Demea on his way home, but the off-stage movements of Sostratos, his mother, and Getas in the Dyskolos provide a Menandrian example of characters failing to meet off stage; cf.