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A crocodilian reptile (Gavialis gangeticus) of South Asian rivers, having a long slender snout that in mature males has a bulbous growth at the tip. Also called gavial.


(Animals) another name for gavial


(ˈgeɪ vi əl)

a large crocodilian, Gavialis gangeticus, of India and Pakistan, having elongated jaws. Also called gharial.
[1815–25; < French < Hindi ghariyāl]
ga′vi•al•oid`, adj.
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Indian Naval Ships Ranvir, Sahyadri, Gharial and Sukanya along with one Maritime Patrol Aircraft P-8I will be participating in the exercise.
In appearance its beak-like "rostrum" resembled that of present day fish-eaters such as the gharial crocodile or some river dolphins.
Its rostrum was extremely slender, similar to those found in fish-eating aquatic animals like the gharial or some species of dolphins, like the bottlenose dolphin.
Watch out for the Indian gharial and alligator snapping turtle when you check this trail out.
Tenders are invited for Remove existing hydraulic power pack units and Installation commissioning new hydraulic power pack units 02 Nos on INS Gharial
INS Karmukh, Gharial, Jyoti, Kuthar, Sahyadri, Rajput, Ranvijay, Kamorta, Kirch and several other vessels have fanned out at sea to locate the aircraft, naval authorities said.
Plus there were new species like Sunda gharial crocodiles arriving for the opening of the zoo's new Islands development - the biggest expansion in the history of UK zoos.
Herpetology keeper Pip Carter Jones said: "Totting up our huge new Sunda gharial crocodiles is not much of a challenge.
There is also something distinctly prehistoric about the sunda gharial, a huge croc from Malaysia.