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 (găr′ē, gä′rē)
A horse-drawn carriage, used primarily in Egypt and India, often as a cab.

[Hindi gāṛī, probably ultimately from Sanskrit gartaḥ, chariot.]


(ˈɡærɪ) or


n, pl -ries
(Automotive Engineering) (in India) a horse-drawn vehicle available for hire
[C19: from Hindi gārī]
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Noun1.gharry - a horse-drawn carriage in India
carriage, equipage, rig - a vehicle with wheels drawn by one or more horses
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It was in the even ing, and Hermann, who, contrary to his habits, had stayed on shore late that day, was extricating him self backwards out of a little gharry on the river bank, opposite his ship, when the hunt passed.
We built him up with pil- lows in the gharry, and he made an effort to say brokenly:
Nestle's Gharry Eccles said: "Offering consumers healthier and tastier cereals is one of our top priorities and we are determined to make breakfast even better for everyone.
Rumour had it that, when a number were before him for returning late when the ship was in the Grand Harbour, Malta, some claimed they were returning in a gharry (Maltese horse-drawn carriage) when the horse dropped dead, so they had to walk.
In November, Muller announced the departure of UK CEO Gharry Eccles.
Se resuelve suspender al Sindico y reemplazarlo por el senor Raul Gharry con un pago de $30 mensuales (Archivo JGBC, acta 21 y 26 febrero 1936).
The Pakistani Gharry missile and the Iranian Sheehan missile are said to be identical with a North Korean prototype.
Last month, Muller revealed that UK CEO Gharry Eccles had left and would be replaced by Ronald Kers, current CEO of Nestle's Austrian and Slovenian operations, in January.
During the last year, Helen has completed an MSc basing all her studies upon the gharry horses of Gonder.
Ronald Kers, current CEO of Nestle's Austrian and Slovenian operations, has been appointed the new CEO of Muller Dairy's UK operations following the quiet departure of Gharry Eccles last month.
Muller CEO Gharry Eccles claimed the decision had been taken following significant changes to how Muller contributed to the community.
In some cases more than half of all branded products have been sold on promotion in the past year, creating what Muller Dairy CEO Gharry Eccles describes as "a promotional junkie heaven for consumers".