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 (găr′ē, gä′rē)
A horse-drawn carriage, used primarily in Egypt and India, often as a cab.

[Hindi gāṛī, probably ultimately from Sanskrit gartaḥ, chariot.]


(ˈɡærɪ) or


n, pl -ries
(Automotive Engineering) (in India) a horse-drawn vehicle available for hire
[C19: from Hindi gārī]
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Noun1.gharry - a horse-drawn carriage in India
carriage, equipage, rig - a vehicle with wheels drawn by one or more horses
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It was in the even ing, and Hermann, who, contrary to his habits, had stayed on shore late that day, was extricating him self backwards out of a little gharry on the river bank, opposite his ship, when the hunt passed.
We built him up with pil- lows in the gharry, and he made an effort to say brokenly:
Nestle's Gharry Eccles said: "Offering consumers healthier and tastier cereals is one of our top priorities and we are determined to make breakfast even better for everyone.
Rumour had it that, when a number were before him for returning late when the ship was in the Grand Harbour, Malta, some claimed they were returning in a gharry (Maltese horse-drawn carriage) when the horse dropped dead, so they had to walk.
Se resuelve suspender al Sindico y reemplazarlo por el senor Raul Gharry con un pago de $30 mensuales (Archivo JGBC, acta 21 y 26 febrero 1936).
The Pakistani Gharry missile and the Iranian Sheehan missile are said to be identical with a North Korean prototype.
During the last year, Helen has completed an MSc basing all her studies upon the gharry horses of Gonder.