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also ghaut  (gôt, gät)
A broad flight of steps leading down to the bank of a river in India, used especially by bathers.

[Hindi ghāt, from Sanskrit ghaṭṭaḥ, probably of Dravidian origin; akin to Telugu kaṭṭu, gaṭṭu, dam, embankment.]
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(Physical Geography) Caribbean a small cleft in a hill through which a rivulet runs down to the sea
[C17 gaot, a mountain pass, from Hindi: ghat]
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Then his restless eye caught the least possible ripple on the water, and he went on quickly: "Life is hard for us all, and I doubt not that even our excellent master, the Pride of the Ghaut and the Envy of the River "
"But surely I saw Marigold wreaths floating off the edge of the Ghaut only this noon," said the Adjutant.
She loses her eyesight year by year, and cannot tell a log from me--the Mugger of the Ghaut. I saw the mistake when she threw the garland, for I was lying at the very foot of the Ghaut, and had she taken another step I might have shown her some little difference.
The village was deep in flood, and I swam above the Ghaut and went far inland, up to the rice-fields, and they were deep in good mud.
But that goat I accepted, and went down to the Ghaut in great honour.
The old Mugger knows that a boy has been born in that house, and must some day come down to the Ghaut to play.
As surely as I had picked up one of his workmen, and thus saved great expense in wood for the burning, so surely would he come down to the Ghaut, and shout in a loud voice that he would hunt me, and rid the river of me--the Mugger of Mugger- Ghaut!
So I lived by the Ghaut, very close to my own people, and I watched over them year after year; and they loved me so much that they threw marigold wreaths at my head whenever they saw it lift.
In ninety- nine cases out of a hundred a mortally-wounded crocodile can scramble to deep water and get away; but the Mugger of Mugger- Ghaut was literally broken into three pieces.
Within walking distance to Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station and CapitaLand's iconic mall Plaza Singapura, it is surrounded by cultural, leisure and retail attractions as well as commercial buildings.
Their work has been displayed in local and international exhibitions, with their latest exhibition The Enlightened Child featured in March at the visual arts centre Dhoby Ghaut Green in Singapore.