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1. An evil spirit or demon in Muslim folklore believed to plunder graves and feed on corpses.
2. In popular folklore, an undead or subhuman being, especially one that eats human flesh.
3. A grave robber.
4. One who delights in the revolting, morbid, or loathsome.

[Arabic ġūl, from ġāla, to seize, snatch; see ġwl in Semitic roots.]

ghoul′ish adj.
ghoul′ish·ly adv.
ghoul′ish·ness n.
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advauf makabre Art
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[ˌguːlɪʃlɪ] advin modo macabro, morbosamente
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From time to time Madame de S extended a claw-like hand, glittering with costly rings, towards the paper of cakes, took up one and devoured it, displaying her big false teeth ghoulishly. Meantime she talked in a hoarse tone of the political situation in the Balkans.
Ghoulishly, after her death her embalmed body was kidnapped by the military dictatorship and shipped to Italy, only returning to Argentina in the mid 1970s.
But as they are probably the same people who will ghoulishly sit backin a couple of weeks' time and watch a a show which really does have no place on television - the parents of a murdered schoolgirl sharing with Trevor McDonald a grief that ought to be allowed to remain private - I think we can politely discount their views.
Contrary to many films on similar subjects, which tend to dwell ghoulishly on the pain and bloodletting of the performances without getting close to the motivation for it, Saalfield coaxes quite articulate responses from Athey and his stage company, indicating that the work is not just about shocking the audience but about dealing with his life.
I shouted for her; whatever it was giggled ghoulishly and ran down an alley faster than my eye could track.
Room Two sees Oliver Land (Bora Bora/Dusted) Ben Dela Pena, Alex Parsons (Kurruption), Richard Launch and Tom Real carving up the ghoulishly funky house grooves.
Standing around one ft high, one ghoulishly read: TOP GUN.
Children will surely find it ghoulishly fascinating (028 9023 5000).
Accept that anything is possible, and bear in mind that this is more about God than gore, and you'll find it's a ghoulishly compelling page-turner.
The eight-month-old had horrific burns, ghoulishly filmed in all its terrible glory, and both his parents at death's door after a fire at his home.
These are just two of the thousands of ghoulishly fascinating facts at http// It's a totally addictive site for those with a morbid curiosity.
Ghoulishly good Paisley Halloween Festival returns for its biggest year yet