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Variant of gutra.
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Children can be seen wearing a mix of traditional Saudi clothing, with young boys trying to decipher how to put on the traditional ghutra (headdress).
His friend, who was covering his face with a ghutra (men's headdress), then entered the cold store.
Al-Baghdadi's head was covered by a black ghutra and the rest of his costume was quasi-military.
To cap it all Bocelli appeared on stage in a traditional Middle Eastern headdress, called ghutra, towards the end of the concert, making a profound statement through the gesture that immediately struck a chord with the audience.
A man will be executed for choking his colleague to death with a piece of traditional headgear (ghutra) in Abu Dhabi.
When he sports a white kandura and ghutra, Izin looks perfect as an Emirati/Arab kid.
Besides, a must for a desert trek such as this, is the Ghutra, and a Kashmiri Ghutra at that for it provides warmth at night.
His Instagram account features a video of him dancing with kandoora and ghutra - the traditional Emirati costume.
The Cassation Court had convicted Abdullah of kidnapping the Jordanian boy Obaida Sedqi from his father's auto repair shop in Sharjah on May 20 of last year and driving him to Al Mamzar beachside where he raped him and then strangled him with a red ghutra to death in his car.
Mooney, a national of Equatorial Guinea, delivered his rowing uniform, Holy Quran, Ghutra, African belt and other gear to United Arab Emirates (UAE) New York City Consulate as a final tribute to His Highness, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Ruler of Abu Dhabi and Founding President of the UAE on Wednesday.