giant fern

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Noun1.giant fern - highly variable species of very large primitive ferns of the Pacific tropical areas with high rainfallgiant fern - highly variable species of very large primitive ferns of the Pacific tropical areas with high rainfall
tree fern - any of numerous usually tropical ferns having a thick woody stem or caudex and a crown of large fronds; found especially in Australia and New Zealand; chiefly of the families Cyatheaceae and Marattiaceae but some from Polypodiaceae
genus Angiopteris - one species: tree fern
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Pink bells and hibiscuses are clustered with a rubber tree and giant fern.
The Como-based manufacturer also showed a palm leaf and toucan print against a black background, in addition to giant fern leaves in contrasting beige and cream and red and yellow.
I was sitting on an easy chair alongside the tiny inner garden which has a very old giant fern in the middle of it.
I'm inclined to linger but we're soon bouncing across suspension bridges among giant ferns and 160ft trees in Monteverde's cloud forest.
Among the many inviting hiking spots (with graded levels of difficulty) is the mysterious and lush Fern Canyon, which has gained notoriety since part of the Jurassic Park film was shot in this other-worldly ravine, where 60-foot walls of this narrow gorge are covered with giant ferns.
Sometimes we'd spot giant ferns on the forest floor, a species that has been around since before the dinosaurs.
Simple plants grew on land, then giant ferns, and later vast conifer forests.
At first life was restricted to coastal swamps where lush rainforest existed, full of giant ferns and dragonflies.
Moments later a spike bull and cow ambled through the giant ferns less than 20 yards away.
THIS weekend the NIA is transformed into a primordial landscape complete with sulphur-spewing volcanoes, giant ferns and, of course, dinosaurs.
Giant ferns 20 feet high line the sides of the road and strange vines drop down from the trees and it gets so dark that it's spooky.