giant hornet

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Noun1.giant hornet - European hornet introduced into the United Statesgiant hornet - European hornet introduced into the United States
hornet - large stinging paper wasp
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It is smaller than our own hornets and shouldn't be confused with the Asian giant hornet that can kill people.
But an Asian giant hornet nest was discovered in Gloucestershire on Tuesday - the first such discovery on British soil.
ANOTHER giant hornet bigger than a 50p piece has been spotted in Coventry.
The Japanese giant hornet is not the largest insect in the world, but perhaps the most fierce.
The invading insect - thought to be an Asian giant hornet - began dive bombing 74-year-old Peter Wilkinson while he was repairing the roof of his shed.
A rare spate of giant hornet attacks across northwest China has left 42 people dead and more than 1,600 injured, state officials have said.
Nothing beats slamming a giant hornet into an ogre-type beast and dragging the ogre off its feet, or simply using the precision aim to fire off a volley of damaging shots.
For instance, sympatric Japanese honeybees have evolved a unique ability to kill their natural enemy, the Japanese giant hornet, with thermal energy.
The word "throb" changed to "hip hop concert bass pounding." "Sting" became "Japanese Giant Hornet impalement." And "fire" became "volcanic eruptions chasing screaming townsfolk." The more appropriate pain descriptions quickly became words like "violent," "searing" and "thrashing," as in what a pro-wrestler does to his opponent.
On closer inspection, Jake was shocked to find it was actually a giant hornet around two inches in length.