giant lizard

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Noun1.giant lizard - the largest lizard in the world (10 feet)giant lizard - the largest lizard in the world (10 feet); found on Indonesian islands
monitor lizard, varan, monitor - any of various large tropical carnivorous lizards of Africa and Asia and Australia; fabled to warn of crocodiles
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Like the cheap special effects plastic tanks stomped on by the giant lizard, everything in its way is vulnerable.
2 GODZILLA (2014) THE giant lizard has long been a favourite at cinemas and returned to battle new monsters.
A handsome reboot of the Japanese sci-fi classic, it resurrects the giant lizard with dazzling computer graphics but fails to create any excitement, tension or fun.
The giant lizard was a formidable monster with dinosaur-like features and a bulky muscular frame.
After the disastrous 1998 version, which had Godzilla portrayed as a giant lizard, it is reassuring to see the movie icon return so impressively.
But the spring Discovery collection pushes those boundaries with Komodo, the fantasy leather of a giant lizard that stretches previous technical limits for embossed polyurethane.
A life-long fan of the infamous Toho Studios creation - a vengeful giant lizard born of 1950s atomic testing in the Pacific - Edwards says he's always intended his version of the story to remain as true to its origins as possible.
Together the pair survive seasonal change, nature's perfidy, hunger, attack by a giant lizard with slashing talons, loneliness and near despair.
The birds work together for the greater good of Zambesia except for the marabous (Jim Cummings) who are in cahoots with a giant lizard, Ajax (Jeff Goldblum).
FOURTEEN years after a giant lizard wreaked havoc across Manhattan, Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures reintroduces the classic monster in a reboot of Godzilla.
Ifans last night said seeing himself as a giant lizard left him "totally freaked out".