giant silkworm moth

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Noun1.giant silkworm moth - any silkworm moth of the family Saturniidaegiant silkworm moth - any silkworm moth of the family Saturniidae
saturniid, saturniid moth - large brightly colored and usually tropical moth; larvae spin silken cocoons
cynthia moth, Samia walkeri, Samia cynthia - large Asiatic moth introduced into the United States; larvae feed on the ailanthus
atlas moth, Atticus atlas - giant saturniid moth widespread in Asia; sometimes cultured for silk
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The most highly valued wild silks ("tussah") are obtained from saturniid moths ("giant silkworm moths"), whose caterpillars feed in temperate rainforests on members of the beech family (Fagaceae), such as the oak Quercus semecarpifolia.