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Any of several plant hormones, such as gibberellic acid, that stimulate stem elongation, seed germination, and other physiological processes.

[From New Latin Gibberella (fujikoroī), the fungus from which a gibberellin was first isolated, from Latin gibberella, feminine diminutive of gibber, hump (from the humplike shape of the genus's perithecia).]


(Botany) any of several plant hormones, including gibberellic acid, whose main action is to cause elongation of the stem: used in promoting the growth of plants, in the malting of barley, etc


(ˌdʒɪb əˈrɛl ɪn)

any of a class of growth hormones occurring in fungi and plants.
[1935–40; < New Latin Gibberella]
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Noun1.gibberellin - a plant hormone isolated from a fungus; used in promoting plant growth
growth regulator, phytohormone, plant hormone - (botany) a plant product that acts like a hormone
gibberellic acid - a crystalline acid associated with gibberellin
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An example in plants, Whose development stretches across their lifetime, Is the coordination between environmental stimuli and endogenous cues on regulating the key hormone gibberellin (ga).
Two gibberellin 2-beta-dioxygenase genes (T2-47104, T3-70314) and one gibberellin receptor GID1 gene (T4-16051) were inhibited in the stems of D, as a result the concentration of gibberellin might be lower, and gibberellin pathway was suppressed.
m-1 represented saline water (W2), the second factor (sub- plot) is the poultry fertilization levels with 10% (O1) &30% (O2), The third factor (sub-sub-plot) is gibberellin levels with (0, 250 mg/liter)The Gibberellin 0% (G1) & the 250 mg/liter (G2.
The significant analysis showed that the germination rate after soaking with five concentrations of gibberellin solution was significantly higher than soaked with the distilled water.
11,12) Interestingly, both genes are related to a plant growth hormone, gibberellin (GA).
There are several studies about the influence of plant growth regulators on 'in vitro' culture; however, ethylene and gibberellin effects on sugarcane development are scarce.
Garcia-Martinez, The Gene Pat-2, Which Induces Natural Parthenocarpy, Alters the Gibberellin Content in Unpollinated Tomato Ovaries, Plant Physiol.
Therefore, the exogenous application of biostimulants may increase the gibberellin content of the plant, resulting in changes in fiber formation.
Effects of red light on gibberellin 3Phydroxylase gene expression in dark-grown seedlings of dwarf and tall cultivars of Pisum sativum.
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