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also jibe  (jīb)
v. gibed, gib·ing, gibes also jibed or jib·ing or jibes
To make taunting, heckling, or jeering remarks.
To deride with taunting remarks.
A derisive remark.

[Possibly from obsolete French giber, to handle roughly, play, from Old French.]

gib′er n.
gib′ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.gibingly - in a disrespectful jeering mannergibingly - in a disrespectful jeering manner  
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(75.) So much scoffing occurred over the five-year-long controversy that George took it upon himself to provide a definition: "a scoffe is not onely in reproachful wordes and gestures joined together, but in the gesture alone, or like the pronouncing of good wordes ironically, disdainfully, or gibingly." ibid., 119.