gift wrap

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: wrap - attractive wrapping paper suitable for wrapping giftsgift wrap - attractive wrapping paper suitable for wrapping gifts
wrapping paper - a tough paper used for wrapping
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When a product is added to their cart, they will see the option to "Add Gift Wrap," before they complete their purchase.
To conserve resources and cut on gift wrap wastes, the EcoWaste Coalition has come up with some suggestions to avoid the purchase and ensuing disposal of gift wrappers and trimmings this merry season.
"Thanks to the dedicated support of intu Braehead and our festive gift wrap volunteers we can do just that.
Additionally, we have a full line of gift wrap, gift bags, bows, ribbon, tissue paper and more, otherwise known as Glitterwrap."
Los Angeles, CA, April 05, 2018 --( Midori is unveiling 8 new, unique and vibrant Spring and Summer Gift Wrap designs handmade with 100% recycled cotton paper.
You will get boxes, bows, tags and gift wrap on your packages, and all done by elves from local charities for free.
KANSAS CITY -- Wrapping presents in pretty paper is a tradition that stretches back to the Christmas season of 1917, when gift wrap was popularized in the United States by Hallmark Cards Inc.
A NEW Liverpool stationery and homewares brand has been busy spreading festive cheer around Liverpool, with a surprise gift wrap drop to places of work across the city.
And while you're there make sure you stock up on essentials like boxed Christmas cards and gift wrap, so you're ready for the festive season.
1 Give your present a homemade feel by making your own paper like the pompom gift wrap, left) and using twine instead of ribbon.
Across the categories of stationery, decoration and gift wrap, the Paper shop offers products as diverse as party decorations and lamp shades to gift bags, gift boxes, gift wraps, gift tags, ribbons, decorative tape, tissue paper, adhesive labels, notebooks and notepads, stickers, cards and envelopes, clipboards, paper-clips and self-stick notes.
CHRISTMAS cracker to gift wrap design and manufacturer International Greetings, which has its UK manufacturing headquarters in Ystrad Mynach, has reported an M improved pro t position as it remains on track to achieve growth targets in its current threeyear plan.