gift wrapping

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: wrapping - ornamental wrapping for giftsgift wrapping - ornamental wrapping for gifts  
wrapping, wrapper, wrap - the covering (usually paper or cellophane) in which something is wrapped
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The gift wrapping kiosk will be located in Upper Town Square, near Oasis, until Saturday 23 December - which means that perfectly wrapped pressies are still accessible even for last minute Christmas shoppers.
I wanted to bring high design to our Gift Wrapping Service, providing a quality and unique sense of creativity to each gift," said Aya Sumika, Midori's President and Creative Director.
Libby Nolan, fundraising manager for The Children's Foundation, said: "It was so great to have Charlie to officially launch our gift wrapping stand - she is such a popular lady, the public all love her.
It is also worth noting that they used only one kind of gift wrapping paper - a blue one with Santa Claus and snowman prints all over it.
The simplest tip is to use thin ribbon as a measuring tool and measure the paper correctly, say Alison Westwood and Louise Wensley, who run day courses in gift wrapping.
But I teach people from all walks of life, from people who just want to do it as a hobby to others who run a shop and want to offer a gift wrapping service.
The gift wrapping service will run from noon until 3pm at Nelson Mandela Corner.
The entry box is located at the gift wrapping cabin.
Tiimari is a northern European chain of stores specialised in home and decoration, craft and hobby, gift wrapping, stationery and gift items.
They routinely save all 52 weeks of the newspaper comics for gift wrapping throughout the year.