gift wrapping

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wrapping, wrapper, wrap - the covering (usually paper or cellophane) in which something is wrapped
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Artistry Gift Wrap is a subscription box company that sends a 'surprise' box each month to subscribers filled with the newest innovations in gift wrapping.
It is also worth noting that they used only one kind of gift wrapping paper - a blue one with Santa Claus and snowman prints all over it.
The simplest tip is to use thin ribbon as a measuring tool and measure the paper correctly, say Alison Westwood and Louise Wensley, who run day courses in gift wrapping.
But I teach people from all walks of life, from people who just want to do it as a hobby to others who run a shop and want to offer a gift wrapping service.
The entry box is located at the gift wrapping cabin.
Gift wrapping a customer's purchase gives retailers an edge in service, presentation, and reputation.
Comic beads: To use these beads as gift wrapping, we suggest stringing them into a necklace and wrapping them around someone's neckline.
Learn new ideas for wrapping gifts of all sizes using the creative approach of GIFT WRAPPING WITH TEXTILES: STYLISH IDEAS FROM JAPAN.
Cushman & Wakefield employees made generous donations and then had the privilege of seeing their efforts and support come to life by either participating in the gift wrapping party with the PTA and faculty or by attending the holiday party for the children.
Volunteers are manning a gift wrapping stall in the homewares section at Coventry's Debenhams department store in the West Orchards to raise money for the Coventry Myton Hospice Appeal.
Online stores charge a nominal fee for gift wrapping, but for last-minute gift buyers, having the gilt wrapped and shipped (card enclosed) to loved ones directly can save precious time, especially when shipping long distance.