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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: wrap - attractive wrapping paper suitable for wrapping giftsgift wrap - attractive wrapping paper suitable for wrapping gifts
wrapping paper - a tough paper used for wrapping
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Upcycle old clothes, fabric scraps, spare scarves, orphaned socks, and old pillows into gift wraps.
To conserve resources and cut on gift wrap wastes, the EcoWaste Coalition has come up with some suggestions to avoid the purchase and ensuing disposal of gift wrappers and trimmings this merry season.
As shopping for gifts hit hectic levels with Christmas Day nearing, a waste and pollution watch group reminded the public to use alternative gift wraps for their holiday presents.
Customers can now buy stationery, decoration items and gift wraps within the store at Doha Festival City.
Twice a year, Deva launches a totally new range of designs - this includes more than 70 gift wraps, 15 gift bag designs, 15 roll wraps and colour coordinated gift wrapping accessories.
You can also find out pronto who ships worldwide, offers an express service and gift wraps for you.
PicturePaper (, a division of the South River Trading Co., Ashburn, Va., offers photo gift wraps consumers can customize.
These gift wraps look as good as store-bought ones, but you make them yourself.
The average household yields many potential gift wraps. Before giving this chore to someone more mobile, take time to check your domain for interesting possibilities that you can manage.
Some projects--the stuffed-paper gift wraps, the painted switch plates, and the wire ornaments--take only a few minutes to complete.
CHESTER gift wrap design firm Deva Designs has launched a new range designed by top TV celebrity Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.