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1. Endowed with great natural ability, intelligence, or talent: a gifted child; a gifted pianist.
2. Revealing special talent: a gifted rendition of the aria.
3. Received as a gift: gifted assets; a gifted bracelet.

gift′ed·ly adv.
gift′ed·ness n.
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This need is especially acute (and would be especially helpful if addressed) due to the small sample sizes often encountered by researchers of giftedness. By definition, the student populations being studied are small, and if a particular subgroup is studied (e.g., poor, minority students of high ability), the numbers get even smaller.
Families, education and giftedness; case studies in the construction of high achievement.
Amman, June 28(Petra) -- Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour will open on Tuesday the Second Scientific Conference to Giftedness and Talented Researches in the Arab World.
Students who exhibit "traditional" characteristics of giftedness (IQ and achievement) can be identified for those strengths.
It is organised into eight chapters which lead the reader from the broad concept of an understanding of giftedness in young children through the necessities of planning to the specifics of formal identification of gifted children and provisions for their support.
Identification and development of giftedness is a major task of mathematics teachers worldwide.
Summary: Shaikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Minister of Finance, opened Giftedness 2012, the 12th edition of the Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness, at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre on Saturday.
One of Quynh's new learnings pertained to understanding what giftedness is and how schools identify, measure, assess, and then place students in appropriate gifted education programs.
As a friend of ours said she will be remembered for her love of nature, for her giftedness in music and sports.
Very few studies have linked ToM research to giftedness, or vice-versa, but links can be drawn from other studies in which these connections were not explicit.
Major changes have taken place in gifted education over the past three decades, and my 1978 article on what is now popularly referred to as the Three Ring Conception of Giftedness has frequently been cited as the starting point for a broadened conception of giftedness.