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GIGABYTE's M1405 offers a long lasting computing experience through unique design of the optical disk drive which can be easily exchanged for a second ODD battery, extending the battery life up to 10 hours. About GIGABYTE
The Gigabyte g-Smart from Gigabyte Communications Inc, a manufacturer of wireless communications devices, also incorporates Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 for PDA and PIM (Personal Information Management) solutions.
For more than five decades, tape has provided the lowest cost per gigabyte of any data storage technology.
Elpida Memory, Inc (Elpida) has announced volume production of its 512 Megabit-based 2 Gigabyte DDR2 registered dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs).
The average price for a multi-terabyte-disk storage system is currently about $40 per gigabyte, while the average cost for large-system tape is about $7 per gigabyte.
With an Intel Celeron 700 MHz processor, 256 megabytes of memory and a 10 gigabyte hard drive, all it needs is a monitor and a keyboard to be ready to use.
Now 10 gigabyte is commonplace (a gigabyte is equal to 1000 megabytes) and by the end of the year, 50 gigabyte drives will be available, with 75 and 100 gigabytes the following year and by the end of the decade drives will be measured in terabytes (that's 1000 gigabytes!).
The 64 and 128 gigabyte versions will be made available, expected to be priced at $849 and $949 (around P43,000 and P48,000) respectively.
New Delhi, March 22 -- GIGABYTE's RGB Fusion is the first motherboard software to support controls for the new Corsair Vengeance RGB