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1. Exceedingly large in size, extent, or amount, especially for its kind: a gigantic toadstool. See Synonyms at enormous.
2. Very great in scope or importance: a gigantic mistake.

[From Latin gigās, gigant-, giant; see giant, or from Greek gigantikos (from gigās, gigant-, giant).]

gi·gan′ti·cal·ly adv.


References in classic literature ?
So blend the turrets and shadows there That all seem pendulous in air, While from a proud tower in the town Death looks gigantically down.
He took the program from her and gravely and gigantically wrote his name across all the length of it.
The gale howled and scuffled about gigantically in the darkness, as though the entire world were one black gully.
Rather, they originated in a strange besetting desire to know what to do when the time came; a desire gigantically disproportionate to the few swift moments to which it referred; a wondering that was more like the wondering of some other spirit within his, than his own.
Brother Jonah, for example (there are such unpleasant people in most families; perhaps even in the highest aristocracy there are Brobdingnag specimens, gigantically in debt and bloated at greater expense)--Brother Jonah, I say, having come down in the world, was mainly supported by a calling which he was modest enough not to boast of, though it was much better than swindling either on exchange or turf, but which did not require his presence at Brassing so long as he had a good corner to sit in and a supply of food.
But many American papers seized on the challenge as a great event; and the Sun threw the shadow of Mr Boulnois quite gigantically across its pages.
Up to the very eve of the War in the Air one sees a spacious spectacle of incessant advance, a world-wide security, enormous areas with highly organised industry and settled populations, gigantic cities spreading gigantically, the seas and oceans dotted with shipping, the land netted with rails, and open ways.
The Americans have already been investing gigantically in the perfection of its missile defence program.
Hepler (2015) differentiated demeanor as an enthusiastic inclining that extents from an exceptionally negative to a gigantically positive.
They now stretch for miles in that direction, typically 80 stories high, festooned along the river with garish advertisements and corporate logos, like the loveliness of Times Square or Piccadilly, though gigantically bigger.
Edison, Ford, Firestone have cashed in gigantically on the machine.
The Merchicken, inspired by the well-known Greek Trojan tale, stands on top of a cage, and within the cage are miniature soldiers with weapons aimed at what seems like a gigantically proportioned chicken.