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v. gig·gled, gig·gling, gig·gles
To laugh with repeated short, spasmodic sounds.
To utter while giggling.
A short, spasmodic laugh.

[Of imitative origin.]

gig′gler n.
gig′gling·ly adv.
gig′gly adj.
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Noun1.giggler - a person who laughs nervously
laugher - a person who is laughing or who laughs easily
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ضاحِك ضِحْكَة بَلْهاء
der fniseren
smej o
kıkırdayan kimse


nKichernde(r) mf; she’s a gigglersie kichert viel
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(ˈgigl) verb
to laugh in a nervous or silly way.
a laugh of this kind.
ˈgiggler noun
ˈgiggly adjective
giggling often. a giggly young girl.
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You're awfully like me, just such another giggler....
"It was a nightmare working with Peter because he was a terrible giggler and, between my father and Peter's laughter, they ruined dozens of takes." Lom had three children, Alec, Nick, and a daughter, Josephine, named after the French Empress and wife of Napoleon.
PLAY TIME: Ashton Dawkin and Isabel Seymore make shapes, above; TIME TO READ: Ashley Ellingsen takes a look at a Barbie book, right; HOOPS OF FUN: Mikey Redman plays with the hula hoops, right; GIGGLER: Chloe Hillyard plays with the finger puppets, below; ON THE DRAW: Phoebe Welsh makes a chalk drawing; SMILER: Beautiful baby Maddy Dodds wakes from her sleep; BOOK LOVER: Isabel Seymore looks through a book; SNOWFLAKE PICTURES: For Isla Gordon and Amber Maver; EASY DOES IT: Niall Fitzsimons concentrates hard as he plays a game of jenga, left; CLEAN UP: Catherine Evans and Matthew Finn, above; DIGGING AROUND: Jacob Dodds plays in the sandpit, above; SNACK TIME: For Matthew Finn, Amelia Hassack, Izzy Wilkin and Emma Piggin, above; ON THE GO: Harrison Storey rides the green dragon see-saw
Eurovision representatives Scooch; GIGGLER: Liz McClarnon
Now listen to the laughter (groans don't count) and decide which category it fits: cackler, snorter, chuckler, sniggerer, howler, suppressed, giggler, or belly buster.
Take a look at pages 22-23 to see Henry Compton dressed as a bug and little giggler Lizzie Addison.
With fun illustrations by James Lucas and effective type sizes,it's a really cute giggler of a book.
First child for Alex and Dean.; Picture sent in by Mrs I Carr of Normanby.; BEAUTIFUL: Billy Bonner, the first child of John and Vicki Bonner, born May 21, weighing 7lbs 13ozs.; GIGGLER: Jae Lee Blyth, born March 10, weighing 8lb 6oz, to proud parents Laura Harris and Lee Blyth.
However, they believed the bubbly Essex girl, 23, "could be an endearing giggler" and months later put her in the C4 house as a fake celebrity.