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a gyroscope with two gimbals


 (gĭm′bəl, jĭm′-)
1. A rigid frame or ring in which an object is supported by pivots. Two such rings mounted concentrically on axes at right angles to each other allow an object such as a ship's compass to remain suspended in a horizontal plane between them regardless of any motion of its support.
2. often gimbals A device consisting of gimbals.
tr.v. gim·baled, gim·bal·ing, gim·bals or gim·balled or gim·bal·ling
To supply with or support on gimbals.

[Alteration of obsolete gemel, double ring; see gimmal.]
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(ˈdʒɪmbəlz; ˈɡɪm-)
pl n
(Mechanical Engineering) a device, consisting of two or three pivoted rings at right angles to each other, that provides free suspension in all planes for an object such as a gyroscope, compass, chronometer, etc. Also called: gimbal ring
[C16: variant of earlier gimmal finger ring, from Old French gemel, from Latin gemellus, diminutive of geminus twin]
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(ˈdʒɪm bəlz, ˈgɪm-)

n. (used with a sing. v.)
Sometimes, gimbal. a contrivance, consisting of a base on an axis, that permits an object, as a ship's compass, mounted on it to tilt freely in any direction. Also called gim′bal ring`.
[1570–80; alter. of gimmal]
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References in classic literature ?
The lamp wriggled in the gimbals, the loosened books toppled from side to side on the shelf, the long barometer swung in jerky circles, the table altered its slant every moment.
The lamp wriggled in its gimbals, the barometer swung in circles, the table altered its slant every moment; a pair of limp sea-boots with collapsed tops went sliding past the couch.
There were the tell- tale compass, the sea-lamps in their gimbals, the blue-backed charts carelessly rolled and tucked away, the signal-flags in alphabetical order, and a mariner's dividers jammed into the woodwork to hold a calendar.
Entering my room, lighted strongly by a big bulkhead lamp swung on gimbals above my writing desk, I did not see him anywhere till he stepped out quietly from behind the coats hung in the recessed part.
The GL-AR111-V2A-12-NL is compatible with the round single housing and square gimbals housing kit.
Gimbals are the hottest new tool in filmmaking, thanks to their ability to capture quality images and mesmerizing video from any standpoint.
In addition, he is also partnering with brands like Accsoon Tech, a leading manufacturer of Gimbals which offers products in the Indian market at affordable prices that meet the needs of professionals and amateurs both.
HyperSmooth promises insanely smooth footage that is impossible to achieve using other cameras without the help of mechanical devices called gimbals.
The company said the feature "makes it easy to capture professional-looking, gimbal-like stabilized video without the expense or hassle of a motorized gimbal. And HyperSmooth works underwater and in high-shock and wind situations where gimbals fail." Along with HERO7 Black, GoPro also introduced a new form of video called TimeWarp, which transforms longer experiences into short, flowing videos.
Section 5 designs the lag compensation network parameters for tracking loop and stability loop, respectively, analyzes the characteristic in frequency domain and at the same time analyzes the influence of the missile motion on the angle of the gimbal, disturbance rate rejection characteristic and coupling effect between the two gimbals by simulation.