gimlet eye

gim′let eye`

a piercing glance.
gim′let-eyed`, adj.
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"Anderson may have a gimlet eye, but the nature of his civic scrutiny tends toward the affectionate....
Sunday became known for its blistering exposes and entrenched Akbar's reputation as an editor with a ferocious intellect and a gimlet eye for perfection who would work till 3am every day, rewriting every single story in the publication.
Krugler's latest novel has a five o'clock shadow and a gimlet eye. Rip the Angels from Heaven is a finely written historical thriller that pits spy against spy.
Appraising the 76-year-old jurist's declining health with a gimlet eye, he was disappointed to discover that White said nothing about retirement.
Much too often, the attendant fame and fortune come too much, too fast for them to level-headedly handle, so they go from victor to victim in the blink and wink of a gimlet eye.
In our off-lede this month, Matt Lynch of Strategy & Resources casts his gimlet eye on advisors whose existing business model is being threatened by -- wait for it -- change.
Mr Serious has a gimlet eye on the pot of money next to the quiz master, and will be the first to congratulate the winner - on the rare occasion that it is not himself - with a handshake that means, "I wish you a painful and lingering death".
Lucas's nostalgic reverie on middle-American adolescence is clearly fictional, and probably owes as much to the equally reimagined Rimini of Federico Fellini's 1953 I Vitelloni as it does to Lucas's own memories of his hometown; the gimlet eye that Grannan casts on this hardscrabble landscape and its scruffy inhabitants may give her work a quasi-documentary air--the legacy of Dorothea Lange is evoked--but make no mistake, her Modesto is likewise a world of her own invention.
Though plucky journalists are frequently dramatized as truth-seekers, the Fourth Estate itself can come under a screenwriter's gimlet eye. Singer notes the Boston Globe spiked the abuse story for years.
Butler turns a gimlet eye to each family member's motivation and conflict.
Questioned under Quelch's "gimlet eye", he was a hopeless liar.
The country, after all, is under his watch and it is he who must have the gimlet eye. The sharper the better.