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Having keen vision.
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"You choose a strange day for it, sir!" remarked a gimlet-eyed old gentleman on the other side of the car, looking at Clifford and his companion, as if curious to make them out." The best chance of pleasure, in an easterly rain, I take it, is in a man's own house, with a nice little fire in the chimney."
Telly programmes can lose their lustre after a couple of years, but Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden and the ever-changing cast of gimlet-eyed entrepreneurs persist - this is the 17th series of the entrepreneurial game show.
Thompson leans into the witchiness with perfectly delivered gimlet-eyed asides and tetchy retorts, while Kaling offsets the vinegar with soft, unforced sweetness.
The dissent predicted a "gimlet-eyed review" of schools' extracurricular activities, asserting that the opinion did not provide enough guidance on what triggers a school's duty.
A gimlet-eyed defrocked Irish priest in shorts and singlet, MacGillis has been banished to the outback.
Through it all, Kersten alternates between a gimlet-eyed perspective on who she and her mother really were and the childhood dreams of who she hoped they'd be.
He's the gimlet-eyed presence behind the increasingly grandfatherly figure of Jeremy Corbyn.
A gimlet-eyed idealist, Heilman had her own ambivalent relationship with the commercial theatre, which she saw as corrupt but inescapable, wrapping her critiques of capitalism in ripe, often pulpy entertainments.
Nerves, Stereo (LES3), Tsunami, Tincture, and Sunbather (all works 2016) are the distinctly Angeleno titles of a group of exacting wall sculptures that captured the tone of Didion's gimlet-eyed counter to the prevailing ethos of sunny California optimism--marrying the anxious energy of the writer's prose with the West Coast Light and Space movement's surface buoyancy.
Wainwright's self-titled debut album was released on Atlantic records in 1970 -- the first of seven in that decade -- and there were few topics which escaped his gimlet-eyed, idiosyncratic gaze.
Eighteen years after Carrie's breathless debut in "Sex and the City" Frances is introduced to the viewer as a sullen, gimlet-eyed middle-aged woman, disenchanted and disengaged.
The film, which won for Aspock the best director prize at the Moscow International Film Festival last year, is a character-driven drama made more compelling by its director's astute ability to empathetically dramatize with gimlet-eyed clarity the protagonists' inability to communicate with each other.