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Contraction of give me.
adj. Slang
Demanding material things or especially money; acquisitive: today's gimme society; tired of gimme letters.
n. Sports
A putt that is granted to a fellow player as successfully made either before it is attempted or after it is missed in an informal game of golf.


(ˈɡɪmiː) or


slang give me!
(Golf) golf a short putt that one is excused by one's opponent from playing because it is considered too easy to miss


(ˈgɪm i)
n., pl. -mes, -mies.
1. Pron. Spelling. give me.
2. the gimmes or gimmies, Slang. avarice; greed.
References in classic literature ?
Well, I's gwine to tell you, if you gimme a chanst, Mammy.
Oh, Marse Tom, de po' ole mammy is in sich hard luck dese days; en she's kinder crippled in de arms and can't work, en if you could gimme a dollah--on'y jes one little dol--"
I's gwine to tell yo' uncle--en I'll do it dis minute, too--he'll gimme FIVE dollahs for de news, en mighty glad, too.
Looky here -- mind how you talk to me; I'm a- standing about all I can stand now -- so don't gimme no sass.
Gimme the bucket -- I won't be gone only a a minute.
That's right--here, gimme your hand an' I'll pull you out.
Gimme, gimme, gimme a holiday on the 'secret' Croatian island of Vis
has signed an alliance agreement with Gimme Vending, the creator of an innovative vending technology solution that gives vending executives better sales, inventory and service data.
Jonathan Harvey is a novelist and creator of Gimme Gimme Gimme, as well as a writer on Coronation Street.
Gimme Vending has unveiled the Gimme Vending system, a cloud-based system that instantly delivers DEX data from a vending machine to headquarters as the driver completes machine service.
Gimme Credit LLC has named Michael Connor as chief executive officer to lead the firm's global expansion, the company said.
GimMe Health Foods has added a bold flavor to its line of organic Seaweed Rice Chips--Sriracha.