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Noun1.Ginger pop - ginger-flavored carbonated drinkginger pop - ginger-flavored carbonated drink  
gingerroot, ginger - pungent rhizome of the common ginger plant; used fresh as a seasoning especially in Asian cookery
soft drink - nonalcoholic beverage (usually carbonated)
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"It's in my geography, and it says: `The French are a gay and polite people, fond of dancing and light wines.' I asked the teacher what light wines were, and he thought it was something like new cider, or maybe ginger pop. I can see Paris as plain as day by just shutting my eyes.
Never to be confused with over-sweetened, artificial sodas, Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer delivers serious ginger pop and authentic flavor.
Which reminds us, what do you get if you cross a ginger pop star with a sheep?
The tension and drama turned out to be worth it when he finally met the ginger pop singer.
In total, Blyton wrote 21 books in the series in which the kids were allowed to roam free and were permanently famished for egg sandwiches - fantasy food during wartime and rationing - and lashings of ginger pop, not beer.
They live on square sausages in rolls, deep-fried Mars Bars and fizzy ginger pop. Glaswegians, known as Weegies, are mocked for being unhealthy - and tight, like all stereotyped Scots.
During the war years, a family called Cox lived at the old toll house and the old stables were utilised by the Millington family as a shop selling "ginger pop".
Kempton: 6.50 Wind Flow, 8.20 Ginger Pop, 8.50 Figaro Flyer, 9.20 Scaramoushca.
6.20 Miss Phoebe, 6.50 Mr Napoleon, 7.20 Fizzlephut, 7.50 Ogre, 8.20 Ginger Pop, 8.50 Ever Cheerful, 9.20 Prince Des Neiges.
The second division also went to the market leader as Shane Kelly produced Tendalay (13-8) inside the final furlong to win on his debut with half a length in hand from Ginger Pop.