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Noun1.ginger snap - a crisp round cookie flavored with ginger
cookie, cooky, biscuit - any of various small flat sweet cakes (`biscuit' is the British term)
brandysnap - a gingersnap flavored with brandy
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"Go up, deary, and amuse yourself with this book, and these ginger snaps that I made for you, there 's a good child," whispered Polly, as Maud rubbed away her tears, and stared at Tom with round, inquisitive eyes.
GERI HALLIWELL Ginger snap with husband Christian Horner
Chocolate cremeux with lime curd and honeycomb INGREDIENTS Cremeux Double cream Whole milk Egg yolks Caster sugar Dark chocolate (55%) Curd Granulated sugar Limes, zested Lime juice Eggs Egg yolks Unsalted butter Honeycomb Water Caster sugar Light brown sugar Liquid glucose Honey Bicarbonate of soda Crushed ginger snap biscuits for crumb METHOD Cremeux Whisk egg yolks and sugar until pale Bring milk and cream to the boil and pour on to the yolks, whisking continuously Return mix to a pan and cook out gradually (approx.
The closest thing to it is a ginger snap, but this packs more interesting, layered flavors," she said.
14 at Oakdale Methodist Church with some ginger snap hospitality, the first of a series of upcoming activities to support recreational trail use in the Wachusett region.
IT'S ginger snap as Prince Harry and fellow redhead Geri Halliwell watch F1's aces vie for position in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix qualifiers yesterday.
It was ginger snap for Prince Harry and Geri Halliwell when they bumped into each other at the Grand Prix today, writes Tammy Hughes in the Sunday People.
Michelin-starred chef Josh Eggleton's rice pudding with ginger snap dunkers INGREDIENTS: For the rice pudding: 100g of pudding rice 600ml of whole milk 50g of sugar 1 vanilla pod, split 1 bay leaf 25g of ginger, minced 1 lemon for zest For the ginger snap biscuits: 350g of plain flour, plus extra for dusting 175g of soft brown sugar 100g of butter 1 egg 4 tbsp of golden syrup 1 tsp of bicarbonate of soda 1 1/2 tsp of ground ginger METHOD: 1.
The former Stamford Bridge outcast grew up with friendly insults like Fanta-Pants, Coppertop and Swan Vesta and laughs at Kitson's ginger snap.
Also available in Ginger Snap, Vanilla Wafer, and Chocolate Chip.
The delicious Dunking delights from Cafe Bronte offer guaranteed dunkability in six tempting flavours--Oat & Raisin, Double Choc Chip, Ginger Snap, Cinnamon Snap, Fruit Shrewsbury and Choc Chip & Orange.