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a. A dark molasses cake flavored with ginger.
b. A molasses and ginger cookie cut in various shapes, sometimes elaborately decorated.
a. Elaborate architectural ornamentation, as on the trim of gables and porches on a Victorian house.
b. Superfluous or tasteless embellishment.

[Middle English gingebred, a stiff pudding, preserved ginger, alteration (influenced by bred, bread, bread) of Old French gingembrat, from Medieval Latin *gingibrātum, from gingiber, ginger; see ginger.]

gin′ger·bread′ adj.
gin′ger·bread′y adj.
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resembling gingerbread
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11 at noon or 3 p.m.) All yummy supplies and gingerbready aromas included.
When a Canadian is asked about his or her impression of Chinese culture, probably the first thing that pops into mind is one of the following: mouthwatering Chinese cuisine, vigorous martial arts, a gingerbready archway in Chinatown, tranquil ink paintings and calligraphy, and so on and so forth.