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1. A composition or structure in radiating form or arrangement, such as a rotating display of fireworks.
2. An ornamental branched candleholder, sometimes backed by a mirror.
3. An earring that consists of a central piece with three smaller ornaments or stones hanging from it.

[French, from Italian girandola, from girare, to turn, from Late Latin gȳrāre; see gyrate.]


(ˈdʒɪrənˌdəʊl) or


1. (Furniture) an ornamental branched wall candleholder, usually incorporating a mirror
2. (Jewellery) an earring or pendant having a central gem surrounded by smaller ones
3. (Chemistry) a kind of revolving firework
4. (Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) artillery a group of connected mines
[C17: from French, from Italian girandola, from girare to revolve, from Latin gӯrāre to gyrate]


(ˈdʒɪr ənˌdoʊl)

also gi•ran•do•la

(dʒɪˈræn dl ə)

1. a rotating and radiating firework.
2. an ornate wall sconce for candles, often with a mirror at the back.
3. a brooch or earring consisting of a central ornament with usu. three smaller ornaments hanging from it.
[1625–35; < French < Italian girandola, derivative of girare to turn in a circle < Latin gȳrāre, derivative of gȳrus a circle < Greek gŷros]
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Noun1.girandole - an ornate candle holdergirandole - an ornate candle holder; often with a mirror
candle holder, candlestick - a holder with sockets for candles
References in classic literature ?
Meantime, don't you feel your little lamp of a spirit wax very pale, beside such a girandole as Lucia's?
As I sat in my usual nook, and looked at him with the light of the girandoles on the mantelpiece beaming full over him--for he occupied an arm-chair drawn close to the fire, and kept shrinking still nearer, as if he were cold, I compared him with Mr.
On the fireplace were two vases in Sevres blue, and two old girandoles attached to the frame of the mirror, and a clock, the subject of which, taken from the last scene of the "Deserteur," proved the enormous popularity of Sedaine's work.
It was a scene of gaiety, glitter, and show; of richly-dressed people, handsome mirrors, chalked floors, girandoles and wax-candles; and in all parts of the scene, gliding from spot to spot in silent softness, bowing obsequiously to this party, nodding familiarly to that, and smiling complacently on all, was the sprucely-attired person of Angelo Cyrus Bantam, Esquire, the Master of the Ceremonies.
This is how massive earrings reminding girandole candelabra in their form were called in XVII century in Europe.
There is a link with that Newcastle contest as three former Goodwood Cup winners - Girandole, Grey Baron and Tioman Island - all finished third in the Gosforth Park feature before their victories on the Sussex Downs.
KOHAT -- Celebration of independence day was sermonized at oil filed shakardara in which chanda field Manager Waseem Iqbal ,CBA vice president Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Abdul Rashid shinwari,workers of OGDCL and notables of the locality attended the celebration of independence day at 24:00hrs the girandole were done and national songs were produced.
French paste jewellery directly imitated the elaborate diamond jewellery of the time in shapes such as svign bows, girandole drops and butterflies, while 18th-century English paste jewellery tended to simpler patterns such as flower clusters and leaves.
At Franklin Lighting, mirrors with ornate finishes and old-fashioned touches, such as this hand-painted girandole mirror flanked by sconces, add grandeur to any room.
avanzata'" (20) rituali di comportamento analoghi, per cui "proprio la strada di Amsterdam, esplosiva di inventivita e creativita giovanile nelle capigliature e negli abbigliamenti, veniva confutando con girandole di 'segnali' e 'sintomi' liberatori vagoni interi di ipotesi e profezie seriose e banali su una standardizzazione oppressiva li appiattata nella Contemporaneita.
GRAND OLE ta1 = clangored, girandole, negroidal, reloading