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 (jĭr′ə-sôl′, -sōl′, -sŏl′)
1. also gir·o·sol See fire opal.
2. also gir·a·sole See Jerusalem artichoke.

[Italian girasole, sunflower, opal : girare, to turn; see girandole + sole, sun (from Latin sōl; see sāwel- in Indo-European roots).]
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Her choice for dinner was the family-run trattoria Girasole (sunflower) at the other end of the town, nestled on the steep slopes of a dramatic gorge.
Another example would be the Jerusalem artichoke, which has nothing to do with Jerusalem, but is a version of girasole, turning with the sun, girasole, like a sunflower., 020 3499 5232 UNDER PS1,000 Rome and Sorrento from PS899pp: Three nights B&B at the three-star Piccadily in Rome followed by seven nights' B&B at the three star Girasole in Sorrento.
Not to be confused with globe artichokes, these are the wintery members of the sunflower family - the name Jerusalem is derived from girasole, Italian for sunflower.
First cultivated by Native Americans, the small, artichoke-flavored tuber was so enjoyed by French explorer Samuel de Champlain during his visit in 1605 that he brought it home to France, where its popularity quickly spread to other countries, including Italy, where it was dubbed girasole, the name for its relative, the sunflower.
The framework agreement between ZTE and TIM Brasil was signed by Yu Xin, Vice President of ZTE Corporation, and Mario Girasole, Vice President at TIM Brasil.
Mac Construction, successfully bid $100,700 for a pair of county-owned parcels fronting on Davison Road and abutting the county golf course, a total of 83.7 acres appraised by Girasole Appraisers at $520,000.
1 ENJOY THE HIGH LIFE IN THE HILLS OF TUSCANY BETWEEN Florence and Siena with panoramic views of the rolling Tuscan hills, Norcenni Girasole Club is a gem.
We're staying at Al Fresco Holidays' Norcenni Girasole Club holiday parc, situated high in the Tuscan hills above the small town of Figline Valdarno, about 75 miles from Pisa and 22 miles from Florence.