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1. One that makes girdles.
2. Any of several insects that chew circular bands around twigs or stems.


1. a person or thing that girdles
2. a maker of girdles
3. (Animals) any insect, such as the twig girdler, that bores circular grooves around the stems or twigs in which it lays its eggs


(ˈgɜrd lər)

1. a person or thing that girdles.
2. any of several insects, as a beetle, Oncideres cingulata, that cut a groove around the bark of a stem, etc.
3. a person who makes girdles.
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We can now offer our customers the technology to instantaneously mix and match their choice of delivery medium over a single Numerex product offering," said Geoff Girdler, EVP of Operations for Numerex.
With an increasing trend of snacking at home our pasties and slices are the perfect home baked snack," commented David Girdler, Business Development Director of Upper Crust, part of the 2 Sisters Group.
Williams won the Liverpool veterans title, beating Surrey's Ian Girdler 11-9 in the fifth after dropping the first two games and Steve Hall (Wales) 11-9 in the decider to take the title.
Ryan Girdler will play his first game of the Kangaroos' tour against Wales.
Veteran Australian Test centre Ryan Girdler will make his comeback in Sunday's match.
SQUAD: D Lockyer (Brisbane, capt), R Kearns (Melbourne, vice-capt), P Bailey (Cronulla), D Buderus (Newcastle),P Civoniceva (Brisbane), J Clinton (Penrith),M Crocker (Sydney Roosters),M De Vere (Brisbane), C Fitzgibbon (Sydney Roosters), R Girdler (Penrith),C Gower (Penrith),S Hegarty (Sydney Roosters),B Kimmorley (Cronulla), L Lewis (Penrith),W Mason (Canterbury), A Minichiello (Sydney Roosters),L Ricketson (Sydney Roosters), S Simpson (Newcastle),M Sing (North Queensland),R Villasanti (NZWarriors),T Waterhouse (Penrith),S Webcke (Brisbane), C Wing (Sydney Roosters).
Ryan Girdler has signed a new contract, while Luke Priddis looks a top signing from Brisbane, but the depar-ture of Matt Adamson was a blow.
Ryan Girdler complained he was elbowed in the face and Jason Stevens alleged he was grabbed by the testicles.
But in the pairs Russell Meyer and Paul Girdler scored their third extra end victory when they beat Simon Skelton and Robert Newman 17-16 and in the fours Peter Belliss' side beat David Holt 21-14 to give the Kiwis overall victory.
Sales and marketing director David Girdler says: "The flavoured market has recovered from a difficult couple of years and is showing steady growth of about 2-3%.
A Birmingham sword-maker, Robert Girdler, who was now in command of a troop of horses, had pointed an accusing finger at the governors of King Edward's Grammar School and the schoolmaster, and the Committee had therefore to look into it.
SQUAD: Lockyer, Nagas, Mullins, Sailor, Ettingshausen, Renouf, Girdler, Richardson, Daley (capt), Langer, Kimmorley, Smith, Clyde, Adamson, Tallis, Greenhill, Webcke, Stevens, Thorn, Kearns, Gower, Walters.