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brilliant-cut gemstone


a. A belt or sash worn around the waist.
b. Something that encircles like a belt.
c. An elasticized, flexible undergarment worn over the waist and hips to give the body a more slender appearance.
2. A band made around the trunk of a tree by the removal of a strip of bark.
3. The edge of a cut gem held by the setting.
4. Anatomy The pelvic or pectoral girdle.
tr.v. gir·dled, gir·dling, gir·dles
1. To encircle with a belt.
2. To form a circle around: a ring of hills that girdled the city.
3. To remove a band of bark and cambium from the circumference of (a tree), usually in order to kill it.

[Middle English girdel, from Old English gyrdel; see gher- in Indo-European roots.]
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1. The removal of bark from right around the trunk or branch of a tree or shrub caused by pests, such as rabbits and deer.
2. See barkringing.
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The girdling arm lifted higher and drew her toward him, drew her slowly and caressingly.
He offered to draw her toward him again, but it was no more than a tentative muscular movement of the girdling arm, for he feared that he might be greedy.
The council said vandals gouged rings around each tree down to the bare wood - removing the bark in a practice known as girdling or ringbarking.
Branch girdling stops phloem flow, which is retained around the larvae, making the wood more nutritious (Forcella 1982).
Synthetic auxin (2,4-D and NAA) at 5 mg/L treatment during the flowering also reduced the fruit drop and enhanced the quality.C and V-shaped girdling 3 weeks before flowering increased number of flowers and reduced the premature fruit drop of wax apple fruits.
Girdling involves the stripping of a trunk's bark, disrupting the tree's absorption of nutrients which would lead to its death.
Girdling, the removal of phloem, renders trees unable to move nutrients past the girdled area (Noel, 1970) and results in stunted growth, reduced productivity, and mortality (Gill, 1992).
A: The irregular trunk growth and loss of needles above the scar are symptoms of stern girdling from the wire having been wrapped around the trunk for too long.
The branch girdling is considered a keystone process to the structure of the arthropod community composed of predators, parasitoids and xylophages that inhabit these branches (Calderon-Cortes et al.
Crews in New York have been "girdling" ash trees by removing a 6-inch-wide rim of bark from around the tree to expose the wood.
3 at 5 d after girdling (DAG) when there were large treatment effects on light saturated CER, and 30 DAG when treatment effects were minimal.
More trees will die in time as the result of pathogen introduction and/or continued girdling. Once girdling reached 3/4 of total tree circumference, the incidence of mortality was higher than expected.