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Characteristic of or befitting a girl: girlish charm.

girl′ish·ly adv.
girl′ish·ness n.
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Adv.1.girlishly - like a girl; "she was girlishly shy"
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Vera was a handsome girl of twenty; Sonya a girl of sixteen with all the charm of an opening flower; Natasha, half grown up and half child, was now childishly amusing, now girlishly enchanting.
When Davis snarled, "You wanna be punched out?" and pushed the camera away from his face, the 20-something staffer squealed so girlishly that his boss's handlers actually shipped him to Florida to hide for the remainder of the campaign.
Blushing girlishly, yet beaming with joy, she listened to him speak.
Ignoring Bobby's protests that he hadn't chosen damnation ("Why would I choose to have my whole family hate me?"), Mary taped scraps of healing scripture to his bathroom mirror, beseeched God to forgive Bobby for standing with one hand perched girlishly on his hip, and piously shred his self-esteem until he was writing in his diary, "I want to take a fuckin' ice pick to my face and stab it 'til there's nothing left."
"This one doubles as a bench!" she exclaimed, hoisting herself upon a flat, S-curved rack and swinging her legs girlishly beneath her.
Meyers captures preteen Kirsten's girlishly dramatic voice and giggle, which belie the shrewd scrutiny and compassion with which she views her world.
They are often humorous, even girlishly lighthearted:
My advice in those situations is to simply squeal girlishly: "Please don't hit me, I've got a withered spleen."
[] Juliet just wasn't quite up to the job; she affected quick, very small steps to suggest youth, looking merely nervy rather than imaginatively excited, and played the great set-pieces as if girlishly embarrassed by them.
Idly and girlishly she swings her foot, the big toe raised, on a low-lying branch.
David fetishises Melanie's body to a very notable degree, dwelling upon her girlishly slim hips, her perky breasts; one may say that he evidently likes her, or at least some parts of her.