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Characteristic of or befitting a girl: girlish charm.

girl′ish·ly adv.
girl′ish·ness n.
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Noun1.girlishness - being characteristic of a girl
femininity, muliebrity - the trait of behaving in ways considered typical for women
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The smooth, delicate girlishness of her young face was, as yet, untroubled.
But he remembered how, even then, she had surprised him by dropping back to inexpressive girlishness as soon as her conscience had been eased of its burden; and he saw that she would probably go through life dealing to the best of her ability with each experience as it came, but never anticipating any by so much as a stolen glance.
There is often something maternal even in a girlish love, and Mary's hard experience had wrought her nature to an impressibility very different from that hard slight thing which we call girlishness. At Fred's last words she felt an instantaneous pang, something like what a mother feels at the imagined sobs or cries of her naughty truant child, which may lose itself and get harm.
Glenarm's purely commonplace and purely material beauty, which would have struck an observant and a cultivated man, was the curious girlishness of her look and manner.
Collectively, these strands lend the work a tone that suggests girlishness," Gornick added.
We would have enjoyed this production more if the children in the party scene were more spontaneous in showing the excitement of Christmas; the boys could be naughtier; Regina Magbitang, as Clara, could be more fluid and show nuanced girlishness. Still, the heartfelt production made everybody feel good.
Hun Sen on Sunday went on to say he was 'annoyed with and bored with your girlishness'.
This is also the use I make of the term throughout the article, though the girls with whom we spoke are clearly navigating their own identities in relation to the notional constructs of girlishness that circulate in popular media.
At its emotional heart, "Wicked" is about the unlikely friendship that develops between two student witches at Shiz University: the ostracized green-skinned Elphaba (Mary Kate Morrissey, a powerful belter teeming with headstrong teenage indignation) and pretty, popular Glinda (a sparkly Ginna Claire Mason, with a soaring soprano voice and comic surface girlishness).
Even if they managed to steep themselves in marriage and motherhood, they struggled painfully to button themselves up into girlishness; many felt incapable of linking the bold teenage soldier with the good wife and mother.
Because then she said,"We see a mass here at 9 o'clock." I cried in the screening room while the tech held me, as tightly as if I were her own child, and I didn't fear for some ephemeral sense of girlishness or sexiness, but rather for my life.