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1. also girlie
a. Relating to or characteristic of girls, young women, or traditional femininity: a girly voice.
b. Often Derogatory Weak, timid, or effeminate. Used chiefly of men.
2. Variant of girlie..
n. Derogatory
Variant of girlie.
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Tanzila Khan, a motivational speaker and author, recently launched an app called Girly Things.
QI love girly clothes but want to look age appropriate.
Fire Officer I Girly Codilla said the fire broke out at 3:52 a.m.
Anna Roberts and Sarah Hodson, from Holywell, came up with the idea for a celebration balloon business during Sarah's "girly hen do".
Jessica Harrington is represented by Fairyhouse winner Magic Of Light and Girly Girl, the most experienced in the line-up but without a win in ten attempts.
ACTRESS Ellen Page has said she used to suffer panic attacks over girly photo- shoots.
BLOWOUT NA N VY & Y& BLUE GINGHAM HAM H MINI SK S IR KIR K T PS225 RIC ICH IC ARD HARD H NIC ICOLL LL @NETAP NET ORTER TER TE.COM NUDE SWEA WEA WE TER TE PS39.50 AUTOGRAPH @M GRAPH @M GRAP AR H MAR KS K & SP S E PE P NC ENC E NCE R ER NA N VY, Y, Y NUDE & WOODEN EN E HEEL HEE ANKL KL K E-STRAP TRAP T SANDALS PS95 DUNE Girly gingham has really Girly gingham has really grown up this season grown up this season so square up this spring/ so square up this spring/ summer trend.
[euro]140, Rock and Rom Toughen up this girly trend with a bomber
QI''VE QI''VE been invited to my first daytime wedding, I am not usually a "girly girl" but I would like to wear a dress.
I have one wall in my kitchen that is adorned with pink antique rose wallpaper and, even though it doesn't really match how the rest of my home is decorated, I love it because it's so utterly, unashamedly girly.
But I hear that SIMONCOWELL's bevy of beauties put their differences aside to throw a lovely, girly tea party for his partner - and mum of his child - LAUREN SILVERMAN this week.
Hayden Panettiere makes girly pink feel boyish with everyday basics.