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v. gave (gāv), giv·en (gĭv′ən), giv·ing, gives
1. To make a present of: We gave her flowers for her birthday.
2. To place in the hands of; pass: Give me the scissors.
a. To deliver in exchange or recompense; pay: gave five dollars for the book.
b. To let go for a price; sell: gave the used car away for two thousand dollars.
a. To administer: give him some cough medicine.
b. To convey by a physical action: gave me a punch in the nose.
c. To inflict as punishment: was given life imprisonment for the crime.
a. To bestow, especially officially; confer: The Bill of Rights gives us freedom of speech.
b. To accord or tender to another: Give him your confidence.
c. To put temporarily at the disposal of: gave them the cottage for a week.
d. To entrust to another, usually for a specified reason: gave me the keys for safekeeping.
e. To communicate, convey, or offer for conveyance: Give him my best wishes. Give us the latest news.
a. To endure the loss of; sacrifice: gave her son to the war; gave her life for her country.
b. To devote or apply completely: gives herself to her work.
c. To furnish or contribute: gave their time to help others.
d. To offer in good faith; pledge: Give me your word.
a. To allot as a portion or share.
b. To bestow (a name, for example).
c. To attribute (blame, for example) to someone; assign.
d. To award as due: gave us first prize.
8. To emit or utter: gave a groan; gave a muted response.
9. To submit for consideration, acceptance, or use: give an opinion; give an excuse.
a. To proffer to another: gave the toddler my hand.
b. To consent to engage (oneself) in sexual intercourse with another person.
a. To perform for an audience: give a recital.
b. To present to view: gave the sign to begin.
a. To offer as entertainment: give a dinner party.
b. To propose as a toast.
a. To be a source of; afford: His remark gave offense. Music gives her pleasure.
b. To cause to catch or be subject to (a disease or bodily condition): The draft gave me a cold.
c. To guide or direct, as by persuasion or behavior. Used with an infinitive phrase: You gave me to imagine you approved of my report.
a. To yield or produce: Cows give milk.
b. To bring forth or bear: trees that give fruit.
c. To produce as a result of calculation: 5 × 12 gives 60.
a. To manifest or show: gives promise of brilliance; gave evidence of tampering.
b. To carry out (a physical movement): give a wink; give a start.
16. To permit one to have or take: gave us an hour to finish.
17. To take an interest to the extent of: "My dear, I don't give a damn" (Margaret Mitchell).
1. To make gifts or donations: gives generously to charity.
a. To yield to physical force: The sail gave during the storm.
b. To collapse from force or pressure: The roof gave under the weight of the snow.
c. To yield to change: Both sides will have to give on some issues.
3. To afford access or a view; open: The doors give onto a terrace.
4. Slang To be in progress; happen: What gives?
1. Capacity or inclination to yield under pressure.
2. The quality or condition of resilience; springiness: "Fruits that have some give ... will have more juice than hard ones" (Elizabeth Schneider).
Phrasal Verbs:
give away
1. To offer or provide at no cost to the recipient: The radio station gave away six tickets to the rock concert. I bought my toddler a small bed and gave her crib away.
2. To reveal or make known: I avoid movie reviews that gives away plot twists. I stopped reading the book when my friend gave the ending away.
3. To betray.
give back
To return: gave me back my book.
give in
1. To hand in; submit: She gave in her report.
2. To cease opposition; yield.
give of
To devote or contribute: She really gave of her time to help. They give of themselves to improve the quality of education.
give off
To send forth; emit: chemical changes that give off energy.
give out
1. To allow to be known; declare publicly: gave out the bad news.
2. To send forth; emit: gave out a steady buzzing.
3. To distribute: gave out the surplus food.
4. To stop functioning; fail.
5. To become used up or exhausted; run out: Their determination finally gave out.
give over
1. To hand over; entrust.
2. To devote to a particular purpose or use: gave the day over to merrymaking.
3. To surrender (oneself) completely; abandon: finally gave myself over to grief.
4. To cause an activity to stop: ordered the combatants to give over.
give up
1. To surrender: The suspects gave themselves up. To devote (oneself) completely: gave herself up to her work.
2. To cease to do or perform: gave up their search. To desist from; stop: gave up smoking.
3. To part with; relinquish: gave up the apartment; gave up all hope.
4. To lose hope for: We had given the dog up as lost. To lose hope of seeing: We'd given you up an hour ago.
5. To admit defeat.
6. To abandon what one is doing or planning to do: gave up on writing the novel.
give a good account of (oneself)
To behave or perform creditably.
give birth to
1. To bear as offspring.
2. To be the origin of: a hobby that gave birth to a successful business.
give ground
To yield to a more powerful force; retreat.
give it to Informal
To punish or reprimand severely: My parents really gave it to me for coming in late.
give or take
Plus or minus a small specified amount: The chalet is close to the road, give or take a few hundred yards.
give rise to
To be the cause or origin of; bring about.
give (someone) a piece of (one's) mind
To tell someone frankly what one thinks about something, especially when angry.
give (someone) a hard time
1. To make life difficult for; harass.
2. To make fun of; tease.
give (someone) the eye
1. To look at admiringly or invitingly.
2. To look at with an expression of disapproval.
give the lie to
1. To show to be inaccurate or untrue.
2. To accuse of lying.
give up the ghost
To cease living or functioning; die.
give way
1. To retreat or withdraw.
2. To yield the right of way: gave way to an oncoming car.
3. To relinquish ascendancy or position: as day gives way slowly to night.
4. To collapse from or as if from physical pressure: The ladder gave way.
5. To yield to urging or demand; give in.
6. To abandon oneself: give way to hysteria.

[Middle English given, from Old English giefan and Old Norse gefa; see ghabh- in Indo-European roots.]


vb (mainly tr) , gives, giving, gave (ɡeɪv) or given (ˈɡɪvən)
1. (also intr) to present or deliver voluntarily (something that is one's own) to the permanent possession of another or others
2. (often foll by for) to transfer (something that is one's own, esp money) to the possession of another as part of an exchange: to give fifty pounds for a painting.
3. to place in the temporary possession of another: I gave him my watch while I went swimming.
4. (when: intr, foll by of) to grant, provide, or bestow: give me some advice.
5. to administer: to give a reprimand.
6. to award or attribute: to give blame, praise, etc.
7. to be a source of: he gives no trouble.
8. to impart or communicate: to give news; give a person a cold.
9. to utter or emit: to give a shout.
10. to perform, make, or do: the car gave a jolt and stopped.
11. to sacrifice or devote: he gave his life for his country.
12. to surrender: to give place to others.
13. to concede or yield: I will give you this game.
14. (intr) informal to happen: what gives?.
15. (often foll by to) to cause; lead: she gave me to believe that she would come.
16. (foll by for) to value (something) at: I don't give anything for his promises.
17. (Theatre) to perform or present as an entertainment: to give a play.
18. to propose as a toast: I give you the Queen.
19. (intr) to yield or break under force or pressure: this surface will give if you sit on it; his courage will never give.
20. give as good as one gets to respond to verbal or bodily blows to at least an equal extent as those received
21. (Military) give battle to commence fighting
22. (Medicine) to bear (offspring)
23. to produce, originate, or create (an idea, plan, etc)
24. give a person five give a person some skin slang to greet or congratulate someone by slapping raised hands
25. give ground to draw back or retreat
26. give it up for someone slang to applaud someone
27. give someone one slang Brit to have sex with someone
28. give rise to to be the cause of
29. give me informal I prefer: give me hot weather any day!.
30. give or take plus or minus: three thousand people came, give or take a few hundred.
31. give way See way24
32. give a person what for informal to punish or reprimand a person severely
a tendency to yield under pressure; resilience: there's bound to be some give in a long plank; there is no give in his moral views.
[Old English giefan; related to Old Norse gefa, Gothic giban, Old High German geban, Swedish giva]
ˈgivable, ˈgiveable adj
ˈgiver n



v. gave, giv•en, giv•ing,
n. v.t.
1. to present voluntarily and without expecting compensation: to give a birthday present to someone.
2. to hand to someone: Give me that plate, please.
3. to place in someone's care: I gave the folders to your assistant.
4. to grant (permission, opportunity, etc.) to someone: Give me a chance.
5. to impart or communicate: to give advice; to give a cold to someone.
6. to set forth or show; present; offer: to give no reason for one's actions.
7. to pay or transfer possession to another in exchange for something: They gave five dollars for the picture.
8. to furnish, provide, or proffer: to give evidence.
9. to provide as an entertainment or social function: to give a Halloween party.
10. to administer: to give medicine to a patient.
11. to put forth, emit, or utter; issue: to give a cry.
12. to assign or admit as a basis of calculation or reasoning (usu. used passively): These facts being given, the theory makes sense.
13. to produce, yield, or afford: to give good results.
14. to make, do, or perform: to give a lurch.
15. to perform or present publicly: to give a concert.
16. to cause; be responsible for (usu. fol. by an infinitive): They gave me to understand that you would be there.
17. to care about something to the value or extent of (something signifying “even a little bit”): I don't give a hoot about their opinion. Frankly, I don't give a damn!
18. to relinquish or sacrifice: to give one's life for a cause.
19. to convey or transmit: Give Grandma my love.
20. to assign or allot: They gave him the nickname “Scooter.”
21. to bestow (the object of one's choice), as if by providence: Give me the wide open spaces anytime.
22. to connect, as through a switchboard: Give me 235-7522.
23. to present to an audience: Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the governor of Texas.
24. to attribute or ascribe: to give the devil his due.
25. to cause: Strawberries give me a rash.
26. to apply fully or freely; devote: to give one's attention to a problem.
27. to award by verdict or after consideration: A decision was given for the defendant.
28. to inflict as a punishment on another; impose a sentence of: The judge gave him ten years.
29. to pledge, offer as a pledge, or execute and deliver: She gave him her word.
30. to propose as the subject of a toast (fol. by an indirect object): Ladies and gentlemen, I give you our country.
31. to bear to a man; deliver (fol. by an indirect object): She gave him a beautiful baby boy.
32. to sire upon a woman; father (fol. by an indirect object): He gave her two children in four years.
33. to concede or grant, as a point in an argument.
34. to make a gift or gifts; contribute: to give to the United Way.
35. to yield somewhat, as to influence or force; compromise: Each side must give on some points.
36. to yield somewhat when subjected to weight, force, pressure, etc.: A horsehair mattress doesn't give much.
37. to collapse; break down; fall apart: The old chair gave when I sat on it.
38. to be warm and open in relationships with others: a withdrawn person who doesn't know how to give.
39. Informal. to divulge information: Okay now, give! What happened?
40. to afford a view or passage; face, open, or lead (usu. fol. by on, onto, etc.): This door gives onto the hallway.
41. give away,
a. to give as a present; bestow.
b. to present (the bride) to the bridegroom in a marriage ceremony.
c. to disclose, betray, or expose.
42. give back, to return (something), as to the owner; restore.
43. give in,
a. to acknowledge defeat; yield.
b. to hand in; deliver: to give in one's timecard.
44. give of, to devote or contribute generously of: to give of oneself.
45. give off, to put forth; emit: The gardenia gives off a strong fragrance.
46. give out,
a. to send out; emit.
b. to make public; announce.
c. to distribute; issue.
d. to become exhausted or used up.
47. give over,
a. to put into the care or custody of; transfer.
b. to submit fully: She gave herself over to tears.
c. to devote to a specified activity: The day was given over to relaxing.
d. to cease; stop: to give over complaining.
48. give up,
a. to abandon hope; despair.
b. to desist from; renounce: to give up smoking.
c. to surrender; relinquish.
d. to devote (oneself) entirely to.
49. the quality or state of being resilient; springiness.
1. give it to, Informal. to reprimand or punish.
2. give or take, plus or minus a specified amount; more or less.
[before 900; Middle English given (with g- < Scandinavian; compare early Dan give), yiven, yeven, Old English gefan, giefan, c. Old Saxon, Old High German geban, Gothic giban]
giv′er, n.
syn: give, confer, grant, present mean that something concrete or abstract is bestowed on one person by another. give is the general word: to give someone a book. confer usu. means to give as an honor or as a favor; it implies courteous and gracious giving: to confer a medal. grant is usu. limited to the idea of acceding to a request or fulfilling an expressed wish; it often involves a formal act or legal procedure: to grant a prayer; to grant immunity. present, a more formal word than give, usu. implies a certain ceremony in the giving: to present an award.


1. form and word order

Give is a very common verb that has several meanings. Its past tense is gave. Its -ed participle is given.

Give usually takes an indirect object. For some meanings of give, the indirect object must go in front of the direct object. For other meanings, it can go either in front of the direct object or after it.

2. physical actions

Give is often used to describe physical actions. When you use give like this, put the indirect object in front of the direct object. For example, say 'He gave the ball a kick'. Don't say 'He gave a kick to the ball'.

He gave the door a push.
Ana gave Bal's hand a squeeze.
3. expressions and gestures

Give is also used to describe expressions and gestures. When give is used like this, the indirect object goes in front of the direct object.

He gave her a kind smile.
As he passed me, he gave me a wink.
4. effects

You can also use give to describe an effect produced by someone or something. Again, the indirect object goes in front of the direct object.

I thought I'd give you a surprise.
That noise gives me a headache.
5. things

If you give someone something, you offer it to them and they take it. When you use give like this, the indirect object can go either in front of the direct object or after it. When you put the direct object first, you put to in front of the indirect object.

She gave Ravinder the keys.
He gave the letter to the teacher.

However, when the direct object is a pronoun such as it or them and the indirect object is not a pronoun, you must put the direct object first. Say 'He gave it to his father'. Don't say 'He gave his father it'.

He poured some milk and gave it to Joseph.
6. information

You also say that you give someone information, advice, a warning, or an order. When give is used like this, the indirect object can go either in front of the direct object or after it.

Her secretary gave the caller the message.
He gave a strict warning to them not to look at the sun.
The captain gave an order to his team.


1. 'offer'

If you offer something to someone, you ask them if they would like to have it or use it.

He offered me a chocolate. I shook my head.
2. 'give'

If you put something in someone's hand expecting them to take it, and they do take it, don't say that you 'offer' it to them. You say that you give it to them.

She gave Minnie the keys.
He gave me a red jewellery box.
3. 'offer to'

If you offer to do something, you say that you are willing to do it.

He offered to take her home in a taxi.
I offered to answer any questions.
4. 'invite'

If someone asks you to do something that they think you will want to do, don't say that they 'offer' you to do it. You say that they invite you to do it.

I was invited to attend future meetings.
She invited me to come for dinner.


Past participle: given
Gerund: giving

I give
you give
he/she/it gives
we give
you give
they give
I gave
you gave
he/she/it gave
we gave
you gave
they gave
Present Continuous
I am giving
you are giving
he/she/it is giving
we are giving
you are giving
they are giving
Present Perfect
I have given
you have given
he/she/it has given
we have given
you have given
they have given
Past Continuous
I was giving
you were giving
he/she/it was giving
we were giving
you were giving
they were giving
Past Perfect
I had given
you had given
he/she/it had given
we had given
you had given
they had given
I will give
you will give
he/she/it will give
we will give
you will give
they will give
Future Perfect
I will have given
you will have given
he/she/it will have given
we will have given
you will have given
they will have given
Future Continuous
I will be giving
you will be giving
he/she/it will be giving
we will be giving
you will be giving
they will be giving
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been giving
you have been giving
he/she/it has been giving
we have been giving
you have been giving
they have been giving
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been giving
you will have been giving
he/she/it will have been giving
we will have been giving
you will have been giving
they will have been giving
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been giving
you had been giving
he/she/it had been giving
we had been giving
you had been giving
they had been giving
I would give
you would give
he/she/it would give
we would give
you would give
they would give
Past Conditional
I would have given
you would have given
he/she/it would have given
we would have given
you would have given
they would have given
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.give - the elasticity of something that can be stretched and returns to its original length
elasticity, snap - the tendency of a body to return to its original shape after it has been stretched or compressed; "the waistband had lost its snap"
Verb1.give - cause to have, in the abstract sense or physical sense; "She gave him a black eye"; "The draft gave me a cold"
infect - communicate a disease to; "Your children have infected you with this head cold"
award, grant - give as judged due or on the basis of merit; "the referee awarded a free kick to the team"; "the jury awarded a million dollars to the plaintiff";"Funds are granted to qualified researchers"
yield, afford, give - be the cause or source of; "He gave me a lot of trouble"; "Our meeting afforded much interesting information"
drive home, deliver - carry out or perform; "deliver an attack", "deliver a blow"; "The boxer drove home a solid left"
2.give - be the cause or source of; "He gave me a lot of trouble"; "Our meeting afforded much interesting information"
open up, open - make available; "This opens up new possibilities"
give - cause to have, in the abstract sense or physical sense; "She gave him a black eye"; "The draft gave me a cold"
furnish, provide, supply, render - give something useful or necessary to; "We provided the room with an electrical heater"
allow for, allow, provide, leave - make a possibility or provide opportunity for; permit to be attainable or cause to remain; "This leaves no room for improvement"; "The evidence allows only one conclusion"; "allow for mistakes"; "leave lots of time for the trip"; "This procedure provides for lots of leeway"
3.give - transfer possession of something concrete or abstract to somebody; "I gave her my money"; "can you give me lessons?"; "She gave the children lots of love and tender loving care"
cater, ply, provide, supply - give what is desired or needed, especially support, food or sustenance; "The hostess provided lunch for all the guests"
cough up, pony up, spit up - give reluctantly; "He coughed up some money for his children's tuition"
rent, lease, let - grant use or occupation of under a term of contract; "I am leasing my country estate to some foreigners"
support - support materially or financially; "he does not support his natural children"; "The scholarship supported me when I was in college"
transfer - cause to change ownership; "I transferred my stock holdings to my children"
pay - give money, usually in exchange for goods or services; "I paid four dollars for this sandwich"; "Pay the waitress, please"
accord, allot, grant - allow to have; "grant a privilege"
grant, allow - let have; "grant permission"; "Mandela was allowed few visitors in prison"
present, submit - hand over formally
bestow - give as a gift
heap - bestow in large quantities; "He heaped him with work"; "She heaped scorn upon him"
deal out, dish out, dispense, distribute, dole out, mete out, parcel out, shell out, lot, administer, allot, deal - administer or bestow, as in small portions; "administer critical remarks to everyone present"; "dole out some money"; "shell out pocket money for the children"; "deal a blow to someone"; "the machine dispenses soft drinks"
proffer, offer - present for acceptance or rejection; "She offered us all a cold drink"
chip in, contribute, kick in, give - contribute to some cause; "I gave at the office"
return, render - give back; "render money"
deposit, bank - put into a bank account; "She deposits her paycheck every month"
cede, concede, yield, grant - give over; surrender or relinquish to the physical control of another
loan, lend - give temporarily; let have for a limited time; "I will lend you my car"; "loan me some money"
furnish, provide, supply, render - give something useful or necessary to; "We provided the room with an electrical heater"
requite, repay - make repayment for or return something
dispense with, part with, spare, give up - give up what is not strictly needed; "he asked if they could spare one of their horses to speed his journey"
vest - place (authority, property, or rights) in the control of a person or group of persons; "She vested her vast fortune in her two sons"
enfeoff - put in possession of land in exchange for a pledge of service, in feudal society; "He enfeoffed his son-in-law with a large estate in Scotland"
give back, refund, repay, return - pay back; "Please refund me my money"
take - take into one's possession; "We are taking an orphan from Romania"; "I'll take three salmon steaks"
4.give - convey or reveal information; "Give one's name"
say, state, tell - express in words; "He said that he wanted to marry her"; "tell me what is bothering you"; "state your opinion"; "state your name"
quote - name the price of; "quote prices for cars"
cast - deposit; "cast a vote"; "cast a ballot"
impart, pass on, give, leave - transmit (knowledge or skills); "give a secret to the Russians"; "leave your name and address here"; "impart a new skill to the students"
5.give - convey, as of a compliment, regards, attention, etc.; bestow; "Don't pay him any mind"; "give the orders"; "Give him my best regards"; "pay attention"
communicate, intercommunicate - transmit thoughts or feelings; "He communicated his anxieties to the psychiatrist"
offer, extend - offer verbally; "extend my greetings"; "He offered his sympathy"
6.give - organize or be responsible for; "hold a reception"; "have, throw, or make a party"; "give a course"
direct - be in charge of
7.give - convey or communicate; of a smile, a look, a physical gesture; "Throw a glance"; "She gave me a dirty look"
communicate, intercommunicate - transmit thoughts or feelings; "He communicated his anxieties to the psychiatrist"
8.give - give as a present; make a gift of; "What will you give her for her birthday?"
dower, endow - furnish with an endowment; "When she got married, she got dowered"
hand out, pass out, give out, distribute - give to several people; "The teacher handed out the exams"
give away - make a gift of; "She gave away her antique furniture"
raffle, raffle off - dispose of in a lottery; "We raffled off a trip to the Bahamas"
bung, fee, tip - give a tip or gratuity to in return for a service, beyond the compensation agreed on; "Remember to tip the waiter"; "fee the steward"
bequeath, will, leave - leave or give by will after one's death; "My aunt bequeathed me all her jewelry"; "My grandfather left me his entire estate"
cede, surrender, give up, deliver - relinquish possession or control over; "The squatters had to surrender the building after the police moved in"
deed over, grant - transfer by deed; "grant land"
treat - provide with a gift or entertainment; "Grandmother always treated us to the circus"; "I like to treat myself to a day at a spa when I am depressed"
donate - give to a charity or good cause; "I donated blood to the Red Cross for the victims of the earthquake"; "donate money to the orphanage"; "She donates to her favorite charity every month"
tender - offer or present for acceptance
render, submit - make over as a return; "They had to render the estate"
9.give - cause to happen or be responsible for; "His two singles gave the team the victory"
create, make - make or cause to be or to become; "make a mess in one's office"; "create a furor"
generate, yield, render, give, return - give or supply; "The cow brings in 5 liters of milk"; "This year's crop yielded 1,000 bushels of corn"; "The estate renders some revenue for the family"
10.give - dedicate; "give thought to"; "give priority to"; "pay attention to"
cerebrate, cogitate, think - use or exercise the mind or one's power of reason in order to make inferences, decisions, or arrive at a solution or judgments; "I've been thinking all day and getting nowhere"
sacrifice, give - endure the loss of; "He gave his life for his children"; "I gave two sons to the war"
11.give - give or supply; "The cow brings in 5 liters of milk"; "This year's crop yielded 1,000 bushels of corn"; "The estate renders some revenue for the family"
produce, create, make - create or manufacture a man-made product; "We produce more cars than we can sell"; "The company has been making toys for two centuries"
yield, give - cause to happen or be responsible for; "His two singles gave the team the victory"
establish, give - bring about; "The trompe l'oeil-illusion establishes depth"
12.give - transmit (knowledge or skills); "give a secret to the Russians"; "leave your name and address here"; "impart a new skill to the students"
convey - make known; pass on, of information; "She conveyed the message to me"
tell - let something be known; "Tell them that you will be late"
bequeath, will, leave - leave or give by will after one's death; "My aunt bequeathed me all her jewelry"; "My grandfather left me his entire estate"
give - convey or reveal information; "Give one's name"
13.give - bring about; "The trompe l'oeil-illusion establishes depth"
create, make - make or cause to be or to become; "make a mess in one's office"; "create a furor"
introduce - bring in or establish in a new place or environment; "introduce a rule"; "introduce exotic fruits"
generate, yield, render, give, return - give or supply; "The cow brings in 5 liters of milk"; "This year's crop yielded 1,000 bushels of corn"; "The estate renders some revenue for the family"
pacify - fight violence and try to establish peace in (a location); "The U.N. troops are working to pacify Bosnia"
14.give - leave with; give temporarily; "Can I give you my keys while I go in the pool?"; "Can I give you the children for the weekend?"
hand, pass on, turn over, pass, reach, give - place into the hands or custody of; "hand me the spoon, please"; "Turn the files over to me, please"; "He turned over the prisoner to his lawyers"
15.give - emit or utter; "Give a gulp"; "give a yelp"
let loose, let out, utter, emit - express audibly; utter sounds (not necessarily words); "She let out a big heavy sigh"; "He uttered strange sounds that nobody could understand"
16.give - endure the loss of; "He gave his life for his children"; "I gave two sons to the war"
devote, pay, give - dedicate; "give thought to"; "give priority to"; "pay attention to"
dedicate, devote, commit, consecrate, give - give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause; "She committed herself to the work of God"; "give one's talents to a good cause"; "consecrate your life to the church"
relinquish, resign, give up, release, free - part with a possession or right; "I am relinquishing my bedroom to the long-term house guest"; "resign a claim to the throne"
17.give - place into the hands or custody ofgive - place into the hands or custody of; "hand me the spoon, please"; "Turn the files over to me, please"; "He turned over the prisoner to his lawyers"
give - leave with; give temporarily; "Can I give you my keys while I go in the pool?"; "Can I give you the children for the weekend?"
transfer - cause to change ownership; "I transferred my stock holdings to my children"
sneak, slip - pass on stealthily; "He slipped me the key when nobody was looking"
deal - give (a specific card) to a player; "He dealt me the Queen of Spades"
fork out, fork over, fork up, hand over, turn in, deliver, render - to surrender someone or something to another; "the guard delivered the criminal to the police"; "render up the prisoners"; "render the town to the enemy"; "fork over the money"
relinquish, resign, give up, release, free - part with a possession or right; "I am relinquishing my bedroom to the long-term house guest"; "resign a claim to the throne"
entrust, intrust, confide, commit, trust - confer a trust upon; "The messenger was entrusted with the general's secret"; "I commit my soul to God"
entrust, leave - put into the care or protection of someone; "He left the decision to his deputy"; "leave your child the nurse's care"
18.give - give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause; "She committed herself to the work of God"; "give one's talents to a good cause"; "consecrate your life to the church"
vow, consecrate - dedicate to a deity by a vow
give - offer in good faith; "He gave her his word"
rededicate - dedicate anew; "They were asked to rededicate themselves to their country"
apply, employ, use, utilise, utilize - put into service; make work or employ for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural purpose; "use your head!"; "we only use Spanish at home"; "I can't use this tool"; "Apply a magnetic field here"; "This thinking was applied to many projects"; "How do you utilize this tool?"; "I apply this rule to get good results"; "use the plastic bags to store the food"; "He doesn't know how to use a computer"
sacrifice, give - endure the loss of; "He gave his life for his children"; "I gave two sons to the war"
apply - apply oneself to; "Please apply yourself to your homework"
19.give - give (as medicine); "I gave him the drug"
dispense, administer - give or apply (medications)
give - inflict as a punishment; "She gave the boy a good spanking"; "The judge gave me 10 years"
apply, give - give or convey physically; "She gave him First Aid"; "I gave him a punch in the nose"
20.give - give or convey physicallygive - give or convey physically; "She gave him First Aid"; "I gave him a punch in the nose"
deal out, dish out, dispense, distribute, dole out, mete out, parcel out, shell out, lot, administer, allot, deal - administer or bestow, as in small portions; "administer critical remarks to everyone present"; "dole out some money"; "shell out pocket money for the children"; "deal a blow to someone"; "the machine dispenses soft drinks"
give - give (as medicine); "I gave him the drug"
tread - apply (the tread) to a tire
administer - perform (a church sacrament) ritually; "administer the last unction"
21.give - bestow; "give homage"; "render thanks"
communicate, intercommunicate - transmit thoughts or feelings; "He communicated his anxieties to the psychiatrist"
dedicate - inscribe or address by way of compliment; "She dedicated her book to her parents"
give - accord by verdict; "give a decision for the plaintiff"
22.give - bestow, especially officially; "grant a degree"; "give a divorce"; "This bill grants us new rights"
23.give - move in order to make room for someone for something; "The park gave way to a supermarket"; "`Move over,' he told the crowd"
abandon, give up - stop maintaining or insisting on; of ideas or claims; "He abandoned the thought of asking for her hand in marriage"; "Both sides have to give up some claims in these negotiations"
move - move so as to change position, perform a nontranslational motion; "He moved his hand slightly to the right"
24.give - give food to; "Feed the starving children in India"; "don't give the child this tough meat"
dine - give dinner to; host for dinner; "I'm wining and dining my friends"
scavenge - feed on carrion or refuse; "hyenas scavenge"
fodder - give fodder (to domesticated animals)
swill, slop - feed pigs
regurgitate - feed through the beak by regurgitating previously swallowed food; "many birds feed their young by regurgitating what they have swallowed and carried to the nest"
corn - feed (cattle) with corn
malnourish, undernourish - provide with insufficient quality or quantity of nourishment; "The stunted growth of these children shows that they are undernourished"
overfeed - feed excessively
spoonfeed - feed with a spoon
force-feed - feed someone who will not or cannot eat
cater, ply, provide, supply - give what is desired or needed, especially support, food or sustenance; "The hostess provided lunch for all the guests"
lunch - provide a midday meal for; "She lunched us well"
breakfast - provide breakfast for
breastfeed, give suck, lactate, wet-nurse, suckle, nurse, suck - give suck to; "The wetnurse suckled the infant"; "You cannot nurse your baby in public in some places"
bottlefeed - feed (infants) with a bottle
inject - feed intravenously
aliment, nutrify, nourish - give nourishment to
range - let eat; "range the animals in the prairie"
pasture, graze, crop - let feed in a field or pasture or meadow
25.give - contribute to some cause; "I gave at the office"
give - transfer possession of something concrete or abstract to somebody; "I gave her my money"; "can you give me lessons?"; "She gave the children lots of love and tender loving care"
combine - add together from different sources; "combine resources"
26.give - break down, literally or metaphoricallygive - break down, literally or metaphorically; "The wall collapsed"; "The business collapsed"; "The dam broke"; "The roof collapsed"; "The wall gave in"; "The roof finally gave under the weight of the ice"
change - undergo a change; become different in essence; losing one's or its original nature; "She changed completely as she grew older"; "The weather changed last night"
implode, go off - burst inward; "The bottle imploded"
abandon, give up - stop maintaining or insisting on; of ideas or claims; "He abandoned the thought of asking for her hand in marriage"; "Both sides have to give up some claims in these negotiations"
buckle, crumple - fold or collapse; "His knees buckled"
flop - fall loosely; "He flopped into a chair"
break - curl over and fall apart in surf or foam, of waves; "The surf broke"
slide down, slump, sink - fall or sink heavily; "He slumped onto the couch"; "My spirits sank"
collapse, burst - cause to burst; "The ice broke the pipe"
27.give - estimate the duration or outcome of something; "He gave the patient three months to live"; "I gave him a very good chance at success"
estimate, gauge, approximate, guess, judge - judge tentatively or form an estimate of (quantities or time); "I estimate this chicken to weigh three pounds"
28.give - execute and deliver; "Give bond"
execute - carry out the legalities of; "execute a will or a deed"
29.give - deliver in exchange or recompense; "I'll give you three books for four CDs"
recompense, repair, compensate, indemnify - make amends for; pay compensation for; "One can never fully repair the suffering and losses of the Jews in the Third Reich"; "She was compensated for the loss of her arm in the accident"
30.give - afford access togive - afford access to; "the door opens to the patio"; "The French doors give onto a terrace"
31.give - present to view; "He gave the sign to start"
give - perform for an audience; "Pollini is giving another concert in New York"
show - make visible or noticeable; "She showed her talent for cooking"; "Show me your etchings, please"
32.give - perform for an audience; "Pollini is giving another concert in New York"
performing arts - arts or skills that require public performance
perform - give a performance (of something); "Horowitz is performing at Carnegie Hall tonight"; "We performed a popular Gilbert and Sullivan opera"
give - present to view; "He gave the sign to start"
33.give - be flexible under stress of physical force; "This material doesn't give"
stretch - become longer by being stretched and pulled; "The fabric stretches"
buckle under, knuckle under, succumb, give in, yield - consent reluctantly
34.give - propose; "He gave the first of many toasts at the birthday party"
salute, toast, wassail, drink, pledge - propose a toast to; "Let us toast the birthday girl!"; "Let's drink to the New Year"
35.give - accord by verdict; "give a decision for the plaintiff"
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
give - inflict as a punishment; "She gave the boy a good spanking"; "The judge gave me 10 years"
render, give - bestow; "give homage"; "render thanks"
accord, allot, grant - allow to have; "grant a privilege"
36.give - manifest or show; "This student gives promise of real creativity"; "The office gave evidence of tampering"
evince, express, show - give expression to; "She showed her disappointment"
37.give - offer in good faith; "He gave her his word"
pledge - give as a guarantee; "I pledge my honor"
dedicate, devote, commit, consecrate, give - give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause; "She committed herself to the work of God"; "give one's talents to a good cause"; "consecrate your life to the church"
38.give - submit for consideration, judgment, or use; "give one's opinion"; "give an excuse"
submit, subject - refer for judgment or consideration; "The lawyers submitted the material to the court"
39.give - guide or direct, as by behavior of persuasion; "You gave me to think that you agreed with me"
lead - cause to undertake a certain action; "Her greed led her to forge the checks"
40.give - allow to have or take; "I give you two minutes to respond"
countenance, permit, allow, let - consent to, give permission; "She permitted her son to visit her estranged husband"; "I won't let the police search her basement"; "I cannot allow you to see your exam"
41.give - inflict as a punishment; "She gave the boy a good spanking"; "The judge gave me 10 years"
inflict, impose, bring down, visit - impose something unpleasant; "The principal visited his rage on the students"
give - accord by verdict; "give a decision for the plaintiff"
give - give (as medicine); "I gave him the drug"
42.give - occur; "what gives?"
jargon, lingo, patois, argot, vernacular, slang, cant - a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves); "they don't speak our lingo"
hap, happen, occur, come about, take place, go on, pass off, fall out, pass - come to pass; "What is happening?"; "The meeting took place off without an incidence"; "Nothing occurred that seemed important"
43.give - consent to engage in sexual intercourse with a man; "She gave herself to many men"
give - proffer (a body part); "She gave her hand to her little sister"
consent, go for, accept - give an affirmative reply to; respond favorably to; "I cannot accept your invitation"; "I go for this resolution"
44.give - proffer (a body part); "She gave her hand to her little sister"
give - consent to engage in sexual intercourse with a man; "She gave herself to many men"
proffer, offer - present for acceptance or rejection; "She offered us all a cold drink"


1. perform, do, carry out, execute She stretched her arms out and gave a great yawn.
2. communicate, announce, publish, transmit, pronounce, utter, emit, issue, be a source of, impart He gave no details of his plans.
3. produce, make, cause, occasion, engender Her visit gave great pleasure to the children.
4. organize, hold, provide, host, throw, lay on That evening, I gave a dinner party for a few close friends.
5. present, contribute, donate, provide, supply, award, grant, deliver, commit, administer, furnish, confer, bestow, entrust, consign, make over, hand over or out This recipe was given to me years ago. They still give to charity despite hard economic times.
present get, take, keep, receive, accept
6. pass, hand, reach, let have Could you give me that pencil, please?
7. confer, allow, accord, award, grant, permit, bestow, vouchsafe a citizen's charter giving rights to gays
8. collapse, fall, break, sink, bend My knees gave under me.
9. concede, allow, grant You're a bright enough kid, I'll give you that.
10. surrender, yield, devote, hand over, relinquish, part with, cede a memorial to a man who gave his life for his country
11. demonstrate, show, offer, provide, evidence, display, indicate, manifest, set forth The handout gives all the times of the performances.
give in admit defeat, yield, concede, collapse, quit, submit, surrender, comply, succumb, cave in (informal), capitulate My parents gave in and let me go to the camp.
give someone away betray, expose, inform on, shop (slang, chiefly Brit.), grass (Brit. slang), tell on, grass up (slang), put the finger on (informal) I was never tempted for a moment to give her away.
give something away reveal, expose, leak, disclose, betray, uncover, let out, divulge, let slip, let the cat out of the bag (informal) They were giving away company secrets.
give something off or out emit, produce, release, discharge, send out, throw out, vent, exude, exhale Natural gas gives off less carbon dioxide than coal.
give something out
1. distribute, issue, deliver, circulate, hand out, dispense, dole out, pass round There were people at the entrance giving out leaflets.
2. make known, announce, publish, broadcast, communicate, transmit, utter, notify, impart, disseminate, shout from the rooftops (informal) He wouldn't give out any information.
give something up
1. abandon, stop, quit, kick (informal), cease, cut out, renounce, leave off, say goodbye to, desist, kiss (something) goodbye, forswear I'm trying to give up smoking.
2. quit, leave, resign, step down from (informal) She gave up her job to join her husband's campaign.
3. hand over, yield, surrender, relinquish, waive The government refused to give up any territory.
give up stop trying, surrender, despair, cave in (informal), capitulate, cede, throw in the towel, fall by the wayside, admit defeat, throw in the sponge, call it a day or night After a few attempts he gave up.
"It is more blessed to give than to receive" Bible: Acts


1. To make a gift of.Also used with away:
2. To present as a gift to a charity or cause:
3. To relinquish to the possession or control of another:
4. To distribute (money) as payment:
Informal: fork out (or over) (or up), shell out.
5. To provide as a remedy:
6. To mete out by means of some action:
7. To let have as a favor, prerogative, or privilege:
8. To put in the charge of another for care, use, or performance.Also used with over:
Idiom: give in trust.
9. To devote (oneself or one's efforts):
10. To set aside or distribute as a share:
11. To produce on the stage:
12. To organize and carry out (an activity):
13. To cause (a disease) to pass to another or others:
14. To bring forth (a product):
15. To discharge material, as vapor or fumes, usually suddenly and violently:
16. To be unable to hold up:
17. To fall in:
Idiom: give way.
phrasal verb
give away
To disclose in a breach of confidence:
Informal: spill.
Archaic: discover.
phrasal verb
give back
1. To put (someone) in the possession of a prior position or office:
2. To send, put, or carry back to a former location:
phrasal verb
give forth
To discharge material, as vapor or fumes, usually suddenly and violently:
phrasal verb
give in
To cease opposition:
phrasal verb
give off
To discharge material, as vapor or fumes, usually suddenly and violently:
phrasal verb
give out
1. To discharge material, as vapor or fumes, usually suddenly and violently:
2. To cease functioning properly:
Slang: conk out.
3. To suddenly lose all health or strength:
Informal: crack up.
Slang: conk out.
Idiom: give way.
4. To lose so much strength and power as to become ineffective or motionless:
Slang: poop out.
5. To make or become no longer active or productive:
6. To prove deficient or insufficient:
phrasal verb
give over
1. To yield (oneself) unrestrainedly, as to a particular impulse:
2. To cease consideration or treatment of:
phrasal verb
give up
1. To yield (oneself) unrestrainedly, as to a particular impulse:
2. To cease trying to accomplish or continue:
Informal: swear off.
Slang: lay off.
3. To desist from, cease, or discontinue (a habit, for example):
Slang: kick.
4. To cease consideration or treatment of:
5. To lose all hope:
إنْحِناء، إنْكِسار، سُقوطيَعْتَرف بِفَضـليُعْطييُعْطِييُعْطي، يُنْتِج
dátdát/dostat padákadávatmítodmrštit
givegive eftergiven efterholdesmide ud
antaaantaa periksi
gefahafna hranalegahaldaláta undan, brestareka; vera rekinn
...에게 ...을 주다
abipusė nuolaidadaugiau ar mažiaugrąžintiišsisemtilaikyti ką dingusiu
datioddajatioddatiodreči sepodariti


[gɪv] (gave (pt) (given (pp)))
When give is part of a set combination, eg give evidence, give a lecture, give a party, give a yawn, look up the other word.
1. [+ possession, object] → dar; (for special occasion) → regalar, obsequiar (frm); [+ title, honour, award, prize] → dar, otorgar (frm); [+ organ, blood] → dar, donar (Scol) [+ mark] → poner
he was given a gold watch when he retiredle regalaron or (frm) obsequiaron un reloj de oro cuando se jubiló
he gave her a dictionary for her birthdayle regaló un diccionario por su cumpleaños
he was given an award for braveryle dieron or otorgaron un galardón por su valentía
to give sb a penalty (Sport) → conceder un penalti or penalty a algn
to give o.s to sbentregarse a algn
2. (= pass on) [+ message] → dar; [+ goods, document] → dar, entregar (more frm); [+ illness] → contagiar, pegar
give them my regards or best wishesdales saludos de mi parte
can you give Mary the keys when you see her?¿puedes darle las llaves a Mary cuando la veas?
to give sb a coldcontagiar el resfriado a algn, pegar el resfriado a algn
to give sth into sb's hands (liter) → entregar or confiar algo a algn
3. (= offer) [+ party, dinner] → dar
to give a party for sbdar or ofrecer una fiesta en honor de algn
why don't you give them melon to start with?¿por qué no les das melón para empezar?
she gave us a wonderful mealnos hizo una comida buenísima
we can give them cava to drinkpodemos darles cava para or de beber
what can I give him to eat/for dinner?¿qué puedo hacerle para comer/cenar?
4. (= provide) [+ money, information, idea] → dar; [+ task] → dar, confiar
can you give him something to do?¿puedes darle algo para hacer?
I'll never be able to give you a childnunca podré darte un hijo
they gave us a lot of helpnos ayudaron mucho
it gave us a good laughnos hizo reír mucho
give or take ... 12 o'clock, give or take a few minutesmás o menos las doce
in A.D. 500 give or take a few yearsaproximadamente en el año 500 después de J.C.
5. (= cause) [+ shock, surprise] → dar, causar; [+ pain] → causar, provocar
it gives me great pleasure to welcome you alles un gran placer para mí darles la bienvenida a todos
to give sb a kick/pushdar una patada/un empujón a algn
to give sb to believe thathacer creer a algn que ...
I was given to believe thatme hicieron creer que ...
to give sb to understand thatdar a entender a algn que ...
6. (= grant, allow)
6.1. [+ permission] → dar, conceder; [+ chance, time] → dar
let's give him one last chancevamos a darle una última oportunidad
can't you give me another week?¿no me puedes dar otra semana?
I can give you 10 minutesle puedo conceder 10 minutos
give yourself an hour to get therenecesitas una hora para llegar
I gave myself 10 minutes to do itme permití 10 minutos para hacerlo
to give sb a choicedar a elegir a algn
he's honest, I give you thates honrado, lo reconozco
6.2. (predicting future) how long would you give that marriage?¿cuánto tiempo crees que durará ese matrimonio?
the doctors gave him two years to livelos médicos le dieron dos años de vida
7. (= dedicate) [+ life, time] → dedicar
he gave his life to helping the needydedicó su vida a ayudar a los necesitados
I've given you the best years of my lifete he dado los mejores años de mi vida
he gave it everything he'd gotdio lo mejor de sí
8. (= sacrifice) [+ life] → dar
he gave his life for his countrydio la vida por su país
9. (= pay) → dar
what will you give me for it?¿qué me das por ello?
how much did you give for it?¿cuánto diste or pagaste por él?
I'd give a lot or the world or anything to know ...daría cualquier cosa por saber ...
I don't or I wouldn't give much for his chancesno le doy muchas posibilidades
10. (= put through to) → poner con
could you give me Mr Smith/extension 3443?¿me podría poner con el Sr. Smith/con la extensión 3443?
11. (= punish with) the teacher gave him 100 linesel profesor le castigó a copiar 100 líneas
the judge gave him five yearsel juez le dio cinco años
to give it to sb (= beat) → dar una paliza a algn; (verbally) → poner a algn como un trapo
12. (= present) → presentar a
ladies and gentlemen, I give you our guest speaker this evening,damas y caballeros, les presento a nuestro conferenciante de esta noche, ...
13. (in toast) I give you the Queenbrindemos por la Reina
14. (= produce, supply) [+ milk, fruit] → dar, producir; [+ light, heat] → dar; [+ result] → arrojar; [+ help, advice] → dar, proporcionar
it gives a total of 80arroja un total de 80
it gives 6% a yearrinde un 6% al año
it gave no sign of lifeno daba señales de vida
15. (= state) [+ name, age, address] → dar; (on form) → poner
to give the right/wrong answerdar la respuesta correcta/equivocada
if I may give an examplesi se me permite dar or poner un ejemplo
he gave the cause of death as asphyxiaseñaló la asfixia como causa de la muerte
16. (= care) I don't give a damnme importa un comino or un bledo
17. (= make) [+ speech] → dar, pronunciar (frm); [+ lecture, concert] → dar
to give way
18.1. (= collapse) [bridge, beam, floor, ceiling] → ceder, hundirse; [cable, rope] → romperse; [legs] → flaquear
the ground gave way beneath himla tierra se hundió bajo sus pies
the chair gave way under his weightla silla no soportó su peso, la silla cedió bajo su peso
after months of stress his health gave waydespués de meses de tensión su salud se vió afectada
his strength gave wayle flaquearon las fuerzas
18.2. (= break) [rope] → romperse
18.3. to give way (to sth) (= be replaced) → ser reemplazado (por algo); (to demands) → ceder (a algo); (to traffic) → ceder el paso (a algo)
you gave way too easilycediste con demasiada facilidad
to give way to an impulsedejarse llevar por un impulso
she gave way to tearsse deshizo en lágrimas
he never gives way to despairnunca se abandona a la desesperación
"give way" (Brit) (Aut) → ceda el paso
to give way to the leftceder el paso a la izquierda
19. (in idiomatic expressions)
don't give me that!¡no me vengas con esas!
I'll give you something to cry about!¡ya te daré yo razones para llorar!
holidays? I'll give you holidays!¿vacaciones? ya te voy a dar yo a ti vacaciones, ¿vacaciones? ¡ni vacaciones ni narices!
he wants £100? I'll give him £100!¿que quiere 100 libras? ¡ni cien libras ni nada!
I'll give him what for!¡se va a enterar!
give me the old songs!¡para mí las canciones viejas!
give me a gas cooker every time!¡prefiero mil veces una cocina de gas!
children? give me dogs any time!¿niños? ¡prefiero mucho antes un perro!
I wouldn't want it if you gave it to meeso no lo quiero ni regalado
he can give you 5 yearsél tiene la ventaja de ser 5 años más joven que tú
giving is better than receivingdar es mejor que recibir
please give generouslypor favor, sean generosos
to give to charityhacer donativos a organizaciones benéficas, dar dinero a organizaciones benéficas
to give and takehacer concesiones mutuas
to give as good as one getspagar con la misma moneda, devolver golpe por golpe
2. (also give way)
2.1. (= collapse) [bridge, beam, floor, ceiling] → ceder, hundirse; [knees] → flaquear
the chair gave under his weightla silla cedió bajo su peso, la silla no soportó su peso
2.2. (= break) [rope] → romperse
2.3. (= yield) [door] → ceder
the floor gave slightly under his feetel suelo cedió ligeramente bajo sus pies
something's got to give!¡por algún lado tiene que salir!
3. (US) what gives?¿qué pasa?, ¿qué se cuece por ahí?
C. NOUN (= flexibility) [of material] → elasticidad f
there's a lot of give in this chair/bedesta silla/cama es muy mullida
there's a lot of give in this ropeesta cuerda da mucho de sí
there isn't a lot of give in these proposalsestas propuestas no son muy negociables
how much give has there been on their side?¿cuánto han cedido ellos?
give and take you won't achieve an agreement without a bit of give and takeno vais a conseguir un acuerdo sin hacer concesiones mutuas
a bit of give and takeun poco de toma y daca
give away VT + ADV
1. (as gift) [+ money, goods] → regalar, obsequiar (frm); [+ prizes] → entregar; [+ bride] → llevar al altar (Sport, fig) → regalar
we've got 200 CDs to give awaytenemos 200 CDs para regalar
we gave away a silly goalles regalamos un gol de la forma más tonta
at this price I'm giving it awaya este precio lo estoy regalando
2. (= reveal) [+ secret] → revelar
he's been accused of giving away company secretslo han acusado de revelar secretos de la compañia
he gave away his secret when he produced the wrong passportse descubrió a si mismo al mostrar el pasaporte que no debía
his face gave nothing awaysu rostro no delataba nada
your taste in colours gives away a lot about youtus preferencias en los colores revelan mucho sobre tu personalidad
to give the game away >descubrir el pastel
3. (= betray) [+ person] (lit, fig) → delatar
we mustn't give him awayno debemos delatarlo or traicionarlo
the treads on his shoes gave him awayel dibujo de los suelos de los zapatos lo delataron
to give o.s. awaydelatarse, descubrirse
give back VT + ADV (= return) [+ sb's property, freedom] → devolver (to a) Peter's given her back her confidencePeter le ha devuelto la confianza en sí misma
he wants to give something back to societyquiere ofrecer algo a or hacer algo por la sociedad en compensación
give in
A. VT + ADV (= hand in) [+ form, essay] → entregar
to give in one's namedar su nombre
B. VI + ADV (= surrender) → rendirse; (= yield) → ceder; (= agree) → consentir
I give in! (in guessing game) → ¡me rindo!, ¡me doy por vencido!
I went on at my parents until they gave inles insistí a mis padres hasta que cedieron
to give in to [+ threats, pressure] → ceder or sucumbir ante
she always gives in to himella hace siempre lo que él quiere
give off VT + ADV [+ smell, smoke] → despedir; [+ heat, radiation] → emitir
give onto VI + PREP [window, door, house] → dar a
give out
1. (= distribute) → repartir, distribuir
2. (= make known) [+ news] → anunciar; (= reveal) → revelar, divulgar
it was given out that (= announced) → anunciaron que ...; (falsely) → hicieron creer que ...
3. (= give off) [+ smoke] → despedir
4. (Rad) [+ signal] → emitir
5. (= let out) [+ scream, cry] → dar
he gave out a scream of paindio un grito de dolor
B. VI + ADV [supplies] → agotarse; [strength, patience] → agotarse, acabarse; [engine] → pararse; [heart] → fallar
his legs gave outle fallaron las piernas
give over VI + ADV (Brit) (= stop) give over!¡basta ya!
give over arguing!¡deja de discutir!
give over to VT + PREP
1. (= devote to) → dedicar
mornings were given over to physical traininglas mañanas estaban dedicadas al ejercicio físico
most of the land had been given over to wheat-growingla mayor parte de la tierra estaba destinada a la cultura del trigo
the front page was given over to a report onla primera página estaba dedicada a un informe sobre ...
to give o.s. over to [+ activity, pleasure, children, family] → dedicarse a, entregarse a
2. (= transfer) [+ property] → traspasar
3. (= entrust to) → encomendar, entregar
give up
1. (= yield up) [+ seat, place] → ceder; [+ authority] → ceder, traspasar
to give o.s. up to the policeentregarse a la policía
to give o.s. up to [+ vice] → entregarse a, darse a
to give a child up for adoptionentregar a un hijo para que sea adoptado
2. (= hand over) [+ ticket] → entregar
3. (= renounce) [+ habit] → dejar; [+ job, post] → renunciar a, dejar; [+ friend] → dejar de ver; [+ boyfriend] → dejar, romper con; [+ beliefs, idea] → abandonar
to give up smokingdejar de fumar
I've given up trying to persuade herhe dejado de intentar persuadirla or convencerla
eventually he gave up tryingal final dejó de intentarlo
I gave it up as a bad jobme di por vencido
4. (= devote) [+ one's life, time] → dedicar (to a) to give up one's life to musicdedicar su vida a la música
5. (= sacrifice) [+ one's life] → entregar (for por) [+ career] → renunciar a (for por) they gave up their lives for their countryentregaron or sacrificaron sus vidas por la patria
she gave up her career for her familyrenunció a su carrera profesional por su familia
6. (= abandon hope for) [+ patient] → desahuciar
the doctors had given him uplos médicos lo habían desahuciado
we'd given you upcreíamos que ya no venías
they gave him up for deadlo dieron por muerto
to give sb up for lostdar por perdido a algn
B. VI + ADV (= stop trying) → rendirse
I give up! (trying to guess) → ¡me rindo!, ¡me doy por vencido!
don't give up yet!¡no te rindas todavía!
give up on VI + PREP
1. (= renounce) [+ idea] → renunciar a
I've given up on the ideahe renunciado a la idea
2. (= stop expecting) [+ visitor] I'd given up on youcreía que ya no venías
I've given up on him, he's so unreliable (= lost faith in) → no quiero perder más tiempo con él, es muy informal
3. (= fail) the car gave up on usnos falló el coche


[fabric] → élasticité f
(in structure)flexibilité f
vb [gave] [ˈgeɪv] (pt) [given] [ˈgɪvən] (pp)
to give sth to sb, to give sb sth → donner qch à qn
He gave me £10 → Il m'a donné dix livres.
give or take
12 o'clock, give or take a few minutes → midi, à quelques minutes près
to give as good as one gets (mainly British)rendre coup pour coup
I'd give anything for ... → je donnerais n'importe quoi pour ...
give me ... any day
Caesar salad? Give me bread and cheese any day → Une salade César? Non merci, je préfère un bon vieux sandwich au fromage.
(= grant) ... I'll give you that → ... je suis d'accord là-dessus
[+ present] → offrir
(= utter) [+ cry, sigh] → pousser
(= pay) → payer
How much did you give for it? → Combien (l')avez-vous payé ?
vi [fabric] → se détendre, se relâcher
give away
vt sep
(= give free) → faire cadeau de
(= betray) → trahir
(= disclose) → révéler
[+ bride] → conduire à l'autel
give back
vt seprendre
to give sth back to sb → rendre qch à qn
I gave the book back to him → Je lui ai rendu le livre.
give in
His Mum gave in and let him go out → Sa mère a cédé et l'a laissé sortir.
vt sep [+ homework] → rendre
give off
vt sep [+ smell, fumes] → dégager
give out
vt sep
[+ food, books] → distribuer
The teacher gave out the books → Le professeur a distribué les livres.
He gave out the exam papers → Il a distribué les sujets d'examen.
[+ news] → annoncer
(= be exhausted) [supplies] → s'épuiser
(= fail) → lâcher
give over
vt sep
to give sth over to sth (= devote) → consacrer qch à qch
to give o.s. over to sth (= devote o.s. to) [+ study, worthwhile pursuit] → se consacrer à qch (= indulge in) → s'adonner à qch
give up
vi (= stop trying) → abandonner
I couldn't do it, so I gave up → Je n'arrivais pas à le faire, alors j'ai abandonné.
[+ career] → renoncer à
She gave up her career → Elle a renoncé à sa carrière.
She gave up her job → Elle a quitté son travail.
He gave up his comfortable life → Il a renoncé à une vie confortable.
to give up hope → cesser d'espérer
(= stop) to give up doing sth → arrêter de faire qch
to give up smoking → arrêter de fumer
He gave up smoking → Il a arrêté de fumer.
(= surrender) to give o.s. up → se rendre
The thief gave himself up → Le voleur s'est rendu.
[+ time] → consacrer
He gave up 40 minutes to talk to him → Il lui a consacré 40 minutes pour lui parler.
to give up one's free time → sacrifier son temps libre
[+ territory, right] → céder
give way
(= collapse) [structure] → céder (fig)céder
My defences gave way → Mes mécanismes de défense ont cédé.
(= yield) [person] → céder
to give way on sth → céder sur qch
(British) [driver] → donner la priorité
(= be replaced) to give way to sth → laisser place à qchgive and take give-and-take nconcessions fpl mutuelles


vb: pret <gave>, ptp <given>

When give is part of a set combination, eg. give evidence, give chase, look up the other word.

geben; to give somebody something or something to somebodyjdm etw geben; they gave us food and drinksie gaben uns zu essen und zu trinken; the teacher gave us three exercisesder Lehrer hat uns drei Übungen gegeben or (as homework) → aufgegeben; we were given three exerciseswir haben drei Übungen bekommen or (as homework) → aufbekommen; she was given a sedativeman hat ihr or ihr wurde ein Beruhigungsmittel gegeben; they gave us roast beef for lunchsie servierten uns Roastbeef zum (Mittag)essen; I’d give a lot/the world/anything to know …ich würde viel/sehr viel/alles darum geben, wenn ich wüsste, …; what wouldn’t I give to be like youwas würde ich nicht darum geben, so wie du zu sein; to give somebody one’s cold (inf)jdn mit seiner Erkältung anstecken; to give as good as one getssich kräftig wehren; he gave everything he had (fig)er holte das Letzte aus sich heraus
? to give sth for sth (= pay)etw für etw ausgeben; (= sacrifice)etw für etw (her)geben; (= exchange)etw gegen etw tauschen; what will you give me for it?was gibst du mir dafür?; how much did you give for it?wie viel hast du dafür bezahlt?
? give or take 11 o’clock, give or take a few minutesso gegen 11 Uhr; six foot, give or take a few inchesungefähr sechs Fuß
as present → schenken; (= donate)spenden, geben; to give somebody something or something to somebodyjdm etw schenken; it was given to me by my uncle, I was given it by my uncleich habe es von meinem Onkel bekommen or geschenkt bekommen; he gave me a book as a presenter schenkte mir ein Buch, er machte mir ein Buch zum Geschenk
with abstract nouns troublemachen; one’s love, attentionschenken; hospitalitygewähren; he gave the impression he didn’t career machte den Eindruck, als ob es ihm egal wäre; to give somebody helpjdm helfen or Hilfe leisten; to give somebody supportjdn unterstützen; (God) give me strength to do itGott gebe mir die Kraft, es zu tun!; give me strength/patience!großer Gott! (inf); to be given a choicedie Wahl haben; to give somebody a look/smilejdn ansehen/anlächeln; to give somebody a blowjdn schlagen, jdm einen Schlag versetzen; to give somebody a push/kickjdm einen Stoß/Tritt geben, jdn stoßen/treten; to give somebody’s hand a squeezejdm die Hand drücken; to give one’s hair a brush/washsich (dat)die Haare bürsten/waschen; this incident gave him the basic plot of the storydurch dieses Ereignis bekam er die Grundidee für die Handlung der Geschichte; who gave you that idea?wer hat dich denn auf die Idee gebracht?; what gives you that idea?wie kommst du denn auf die Idee?; that will give you something to think aboutda hast du etwas, worüber du nachdenken kannst; I’ll give you something to cry aboutich werde schon zusehen, dass du weißt, warum du weinst; give me Shakespeare/Spain (every time)! (inf)es geht doch nichts über Shakespeare/Spanien!; give me Renoir and Rembrandt, not these surrealist artistsmir sind Renoir und Rembrandt viel lieber als diese Surrealisten
? to give way
nachgeben (→ to +dat); I’m not going to give way on thisich werde in dieser Sache nicht nachgeben; to give way to pressureunter Druck nachgeben; don’t give way to despairüberlass dich nicht der Verzweiflung; she gave way to tearssie ließ den Tränen freien Lauf
to give way to somethingvon etw abgelöst werden; tears gave way to smilesdie Tränen machten einem Lächeln Platz; radio has almost given way to televisiondas Radio ist vom Fernsehen fast verdrängt worden
(Brit) give way to oncoming trafficder Gegenverkehr hat Vorfahrt; who has to give way here?wer hat hier Vorfahrt?; I was expecting him to give wayich nahm an, er würde mir die Vorfahrt lassen; “give way”„Vorfahrt (gewähren)“
= cause, cause to feel pleasure, joymachen, bereiten; painbereiten; to give somebody painjdm wehtun (also fig), → jdm Schmerzen bereiten; it gives me great pleasure to …es ist mir eine große Freude; to give somebody a shockjdm einen Schock versetzen
? to give sb to understand that …jdm zu verstehen geben, dass …; I was given to understand/believe that …mir wurde zu verstehen gegeben, dass …
= punish witherteilen; he gave the child a smacker gab dem Kind einen Klaps; he gave her 100 lines (Brit) or sentences (US) → er gab ihr 100 Zeilen als Strafarbeit auf; to give somebody five yearsjdn zu fünf Jahren verurteilen, jdm fünf Jahre aufbrummen (inf); he was given a thrashing/five yearser hat eine Tracht Prügel/fünf Jahre bekommen
? to give sb what for (inf)jdm Saures geben (inf), → es jdm geben (inf)
= utter to give a cry/groan/laugh/sighaufschreien/-stöhnen/-lachen/-seufzen
= yield, produce milk, warmth, light etcgeben; results(er)bringen; answerliefern; our satellite dish gives a very good pictureunsere Parabolantenne gibt ein sehr gutes Bild
= allow timegeben; they gave me a week to do itsie gaben or ließen mir eine Woche Zeit, um es zu machen; give yourself time to recoverlassen Sie sich Zeit, um sich zu erholen; give yourself half an hourrechnen Sie mit einer halben Stunde; I always give myself an extra hour in bedich genehmige mir eine Extrastunde im Bett; how long do you give that marriage? (inf)wie lange gibst du dieser Ehe? (inf)
? I’ll give you that (= concede) it’s an improvement, I’ll give you thates ist eine Verbesserung, das gestehe ich (dir) ein; he’s a good worker, I’ll give him thateines muss man ihm lassen, er arbeitet gut
= report, tell information, details, description, answer, advicegeben; one’s name, particularsangeben; suggestionmachen; (= let sb know by letter, phone etc) decision, opinion, resultsmitteilen; the court hasn’t given a decision yetdas Gericht hat noch kein Urteil gefällt; he wouldn’t give me his decision/opinioner wollte mir seine Entscheidung/Meinung nicht sagen; they interrupted the film to give the football resultssie unterbrachen den Film, um die Fußballergebnisse zu bringen; give him my regardsbestellen Sie ihm (schöne) Grüße, richten Sie ihm (schöne) Grüße von mir aus; give her my thanksrichten Sie ihr meinen Dank aus; to give no/the right answernicht/richtig antworten; to give somebody a warningjdn warnen; his letter gave us the latest newsin seinem Brief stand das Neueste; she was given the news by JohnJohn hat ihr das mitgeteilt; he forgot to give us the dateer hat vergessen, uns das Datum anzugeben or (verbally also) → zu sagen or (by letter, phone etc also) → mitzuteilen; who gave you that information?wer hat Ihnen das gesagt or die Auskunft gegeben or erteilt?
= hold, perform party, dinner, playgeben; speechhalten; songsingen; toastausbringen (to sb auf jdn); give us a songsing uns was vor; I give you Mary (as toast) → auf Mary!, auf Marys Wohl!; (as speaker) → ich gebe Mary das Wort
= do the child gave a little jump of excitementdas Kind machte vor Aufregung einen kleinen Luftsprung; he gave a shrug of his shoulderser zuckte mit den Schultern
= devotewidmen (→ to +dat); he has given himself entirely to medicineer hat sich ganz der Medizin verschrieben; he gave himself/his life to Goder weihte sich/sein Leben Gott
= give way lit, fig: = collapse, yieldnachgeben; (strength, health, nerve, voice)versagen; (= break, rope, cable) → reißen; (cold weather)nachlassen; when you’re under as much strain as that, something is bound to give (inf)wenn man unter so viel Druck steht, muss es ja irgendwo aushaken (inf)
= bend, be flexiblenachgeben; (bed)federn; (dress)sich dehnen or weiten
= give money etcgeben, spenden; it is more blessed to give than to receive (Bibl) → Geben ist seliger denn Nehmen; you have to be prepared to give and take (fig)man muss zu Kompromissen bereit sein, man muss auch mal zurückstecken können
= be the matter esp US inf what gives?was gibts? (inf), → was ist los? (inf); what gives with him?was ist los mit ihm? (inf); what gives in this town?was ist hier (in der Stadt) los? (inf)
= tell US inf OK, now give!also, raus mit der Sprache! (inf)
Nachgiebigkeit f, → Elastizität f; (of floor, bed, chair)Federung f; this elastic hasn’t got much give leftdieses Gummiband ist nicht mehr sehr elastisch; it has a lot of givees gibt sehr stark nach
? give away vt sep
(= give without charge)weggeben; (as present) → verschenken; at £5 I’m practically giving it awayich will £ 5 dafür, das ist fast geschenkt
advantage, goalverschenken
bridezum Altar führen (als Brautvater etc)
(= hand out) prizes etcvergeben, verteilen
(fig: = betray) → verraten (to sb an jdn); to give the game or show away (inf)alles verraten; to give oneself awaysich verraten

? give back vt sepzurück- or wiedergeben; (mirror) imagereflektieren
? give in vi (= surrender)sich ergeben (to sb jdm); (in guessing game etc) → aufgeben; (= accede, back down)nachgeben (→ to +dat); to give in to the majoritysich der Mehrheit beugen; to give in to blackmailauf Erpressung eingehen; to give in to temptationder Versuchung erliegen or nicht widerstehen vt sep document, essayeinreichen; to give in somebody’s/one’s namejdn/sich anmelden
? give off vt insep heat, gasabgeben; smellverbreiten, ausströmen; raysausstrahlen
? give on to vi +prep obj (window)hinausgehen auf (+acc); (door)hinausführen auf (+acc); gardenhinausführen in (+acc)
? give out vi (supplies, patience, strength)zu Ende gehen or (in past tense) → sein; (engine, feet)versagen; (inspiration)versiegen; my voice gave outmir versagte die Stimme vt sep
(= distribute)aus- or verteilen
(= announce)bekannt geben; to give oneself out as something or to be somethingsich als etw ausgeben
vt insep = give off
? give over vt sep
(= hand over)übergeben (→ to +dat)
(= set aside, use for) to be given over to somethingfür etw beansprucht werden
to give oneself over to pleasure/despair etcsich ganz dem Vergnügen/der Verzweiflung etc hingeben; to be given over to pleasure (life)ganz dem Vergnügen gewidmet sein
vi (dial inf: = stop) → aufhören; give over!hör auf! vi +prep objaufhören; give over tickling me!hör auf, mich zu kitzeln!
? give up viaufgeben; I give upich gebe auf, ich gebs auf (inf) vt sep
habit, job, idea, hopeaufgeben; claimverzichten auf (+acc), → aufgeben; to give up doing somethingaufhören or es aufgeben, etw zu tun; I’m trying to give up smokingich versuche, das Rauchen aufzugeben; I gave it/him up as a bad job (inf)das/ihn habe ich abgeschrieben; to give somebody/something up as lostjdn/etw verloren geben; to give somebody up for deadjdn für tot halten
(= surrender) land, territoryabgeben, abtreten (→ to +dat); authorityabgeben, abtreten (→ to an +acc); seat, placefrei machen (to für), abtreten (→ to +dat); ticketabgeben (to bei); to give up one’s life for one’s countrysein Leben für sein Land opfern
(= hand over to authorities)übergeben (→ to dat); to give oneself upsich stellen; (after siege etc) → sich ergeben
(= devote)widmen; to give one’s life up to musicsein Leben der Musik widmen or verschreiben
(= disclose, yield up) secret, treasureenthüllen (geh)

? give up on vi +prep obj person, projectabschreiben; to give up on lifeam Leben verzweifeln


nEntgegenkommen nt; (in personal relationships) → (gegenseitiges) Geben und Nehmen
the expression on her face was a (dead) giveihr Gesichtsausdruck verriet (wirklich) alles; it was a real give when he said …er verriet sich, als er sagte
(inf) that exam question was a givediese Prüfungsfrage war geschenkt (inf)
(US Comm: = gift) → Geschenk nt
(US: Rad, TV) → Preisraten nt
giveaway price


[gɪv] (gave (vb: pt) (given (pp)))
1. vt
a. (gen) → dare; (as gift) → regalare, dare (in dono); (description, promise, surprise) → fare; (particulars) → dare, fornire; (decision) → annunciare; (title, honour) → conferire, dare; (assign, job) → assegnare, dare; (dedicate, life, time) → consacrare, dedicare
to give sb sth or sth to sb → dare qc a qn
one must give and take → bisogna fare delle concessioni
how much did you give for it? → quanto (l')hai pagato?
to give sb a kick/push → dare un calcio/una spinta a qn
to give sb a cold → passare or attaccare il raffreddore a qn
to give sb news of sth → dar notizie di qc a qn
to give sb something to eat → dare (qualcosa) da mangiare a qn
12 o'clock, give or take a few minutes → mezzogiorno, minuto più minuto meno
give or take ten miles → dieci miglia in più o meno
to give as good as one gets → rendere pan per focaccia
he gave it everything he'd got (fig) → ce l'ha messa tutta
I'd give a lot/the world/anything to know ... (fam) → darei moltissimo/tutto l'oro del mondo/non so che cosa per sapere...
I can give you 10 minutes → posso darti 10 minuti
give them my regards → salutali da parte mia
give yourself an hour to get there → calcola un'ora per arrivare
that gave me an idea → mi ha fatto venire un'idea
he's honest, I'll give you that → è onesto, te lo concedo
b. (produce) → dare, produrre; (result, help, advice) → dare
3 times 4 gives 12 → 3 per 4 fa 12
to give the right/wrong answer → dare la risposta giusta/sbagliata
c. (perform, jump, smile) → fare; (deliver, speech, lecture) → fare, tenere; (utter, cry) → lanciare; (sigh) → tirare, fare
give us a song → cantaci qualcosa
he gave a good performance (musician) → è stata una buona esecuzione (actor) → ha recitato bene
2. vi
a. (give presents) → dare, donare
to give to charity → fare della beneficenza
b. (also give way) (collapse, roof, ground, door) → cedere; (knees) → piegarsi
something's got to give! (fam) → non si può andare avanti così
3. n (of material) → elasticità; (of bed) → morbidezza
give away vt + adv
a. (money, goods) → dar via, donare; (bride) → condurre all'altare; (distribute, prizes) → distribuire
b. (reveal, secret) → rivelare; (betray, person) → tradire
to give the game away (fig) → farsi scoprire
give back vt + adv (return, sb's property) to give back (to)restituire (a), rendere (a), ridare (a)
give in
1. vt + adv (hand in, form, essay) → consegnare
to give in one's name → dare il proprio nome
2. vi + adv (yield) to give in (to sb)cedere (a qn); (in guessing game) I give in!mi arrendo!
give off vt + adv (smell, smoke, heat) → emettere, sprigionare
give onto vi + prep (subj, door, window) → dare su
give out
1. vt + adv
a. (distribute) → distribuire
b. (make known, news) → annunciare
2. vi + adv (be exhausted, supplies) → esaurirsi, venir meno; (fail, engine) → fermarsi; (strength) → mancare; (legs) → non reggere più
give over
1. vt + adv
a. (devote) to give over todedicare a
b. (transfer) to give over toconsegnare a
2. vi + adv (fam) (stop) → piantarla, smetterla
give over! → piantala!, smettila!
give up
1. vt + adv
a. (surrender, place) → cedere; (hand over, ticket) → consegnare
to give o.s. up → arrendersi
to give o.s. up to the police → costituirsi alla polizia
b. (renounce, friend, boyfriend, job) → lasciare; (abandon, idea) → rinunciare a, abbandonare; (abandon hope for, patient) → dare per spacciato/a; (expected visitor) → non aspettare più
I gave it up as a bad job (fam) → ci ho rinunciato, ho abbandonato l'idea
to give up drinking/smoking → smettere di bere/fumare
c. (devote, one's life, time) to give up (to)dedicare (a)
to give up (for) (sacrifice, one's life, career) → donare (per), dare (per)
2. vi + adv (stop trying) → rinunciare, arrendersi
I give up! (trying to guess) → mi arrendo!
give way vi + adv
see give 2b
b. (yield) to give way (to)cedere (a)
to give way to despair → lasciarsi andare alla disperazione
c. (make room for) to give way (to)lasciare il posto (a)
d. (Brit) (Aut) → dare la precedenza


(giv) past tense gave (geiv) : past participle ˈgiven verb
1. to cause to have. My aunt gave me a book for Christmas; Can you give me an opinion on this?
2. to produce (something). Cows give milk but horses do not; He gave a talk on his travels.
3. to yield, bend, break etc. This lock looks solid, but it will give under pressure.
4. to organize (some event etc). We're giving a party next week.
the ability to yield or bend under pressure. This chair has a lot of give in it.
ˈgiven adjective
1. stated. to do a job at a given time.
2. (with to) in the habit of (doing) something. He's given to making stupid remarks.
3. taking (something) as a fact. Given that x equals three, x plus two equals five.
given name
(American) a personal or christian name.
give and take
willingness to allow someone something in return for being allowed something oneself.
give away
1. to give etc (something) to someone (eg because one no longer wants it). I'm going to give all my money away.
2. to cause or allow (information etc) to become known usually accidentally. He gave away our hiding-place (noun ˈgive-away: the lingering smell was a give-away).
give back
to return something. She gave me back the book that she borrowed last week.
give in
1. to stop fighting and admit defeat; to yield. The soldiers were outnumbered and gave in to the enemy.
2. to hand or bring (something) to someone (often a person in authority). Do we have to give in our books at the end of the lesson?
give off
to produce. That fire is giving off a lot of smoke.
give or take
allowing for the addition or subtraction of. I weigh sixty-five kilos, give or take a little (= approximately sixty-five kilos).
give out
1. to give, usually to several people. The headmaster's wife gave out the school prizes.
2. to come to an end. My patience gave out.
3. to produce. The fire gave out a lot of heat.
give rise to
to cause. This gives rise to a large number of problems.
give up
1. to stop, abandon. I must give up smoking; They gave up the search.
2. to stop using etc. You'll have to give up cigarettes; I won't give up all my hobbies for you.
3. to hand over (eg oneself or something that one has) to someone else.
4. to devote (time etc) to doing something. He gave up all his time to gardening.
5. (often with as or for) to consider (a person, thing etc) to be. You took so long to arrive that we had almost given you up (for lost).
give way
1. to stop in order to allow eg traffic to pass. Give way to traffic coming from the right.
2. to break, collapse etc under pressure. The bridge will give way any day now.
3. to agree against one's will. I have no intention of giving way to demands like that.


يُعْطِي dát give geben δίνω dar antaa donner dati dare 与える ...에게 ...을 주다 geven gi dać dar давать ge ให้ vermek cho


vi. dar;
pp., a.
to ___ birth___ a luz;
to ___ and takehacer concesiones mutuas;
to ___ outrepartir;
to ___ uprenunciar, perder la esperanza, darse por vencido;
given namenombre de pila.


vt (pret gave; pp given) dar; (a disease) contagiar (form), pegar, (esp. STD) pasar; to — out (knee, etc.) fallar(le); Your knee gave out?..¿Le falló la rodilla?; to — up (smoking, etc.) dejar de; You have to give up smoking..Tiene que dejar de fumar; to — up on (diet, treatment, etc.) abandonar, suspender
References in classic literature ?
We had no money whatever with which to begin; still we decided to give the needed building a name.
'I will give you my horse, and you shall give me the silver; which will save you a great deal of trouble in carrying such a heavy load about with you.' 'With all my heart,' said Hans: 'but as you are so kind to me, I must tell you one thing--you will have a weary task to draw that silver about with you.' However, the horseman got off, took the silver, helped Hans up, gave him the bridle into one hand and the whip into the other, and said, 'When you want to go very fast, smack your lips loudly together, and cry "Jip!"'
When a woman debauched from her youth, nay, even being the offspring of debauchery and vice, comes to give an account of all her vicious practices, and even to descend to the particular occasions and circumstances by which she ran through in threescore years, an author must be hard put to it wrap it up so clean as not to give room, especially for vicious readers, to turn it to his disadvantage.
Then, stealing silently away, she glided up through foam and spray, till, through the parting clouds, the sunlight shone upon her from the tranquil sky; and, guided by the mournful sound, she floated on, till, close before her on the beach, she saw a woman stretching forth her arms, and with a sad, imploring voice praying the restless sea to give her back the little child it had so cruelly borne away.
You will have to wait upon her and serve her, but you will be well rewarded, for she will give you the best of everything.'
Here Jones offered to take leave of his guide, and to improve his pace; but the fellow, in whom that violent surprize and joy which the first receipt of the guinea had occasioned was now considerably abated, and who had now had sufficient time to recollect himself, put on a discontented look, and, scratching his head, said, "He hoped his worship would give him something more.
As for this unfortunate stranger, take him to the town and let him beg there of any one who will give him a drink and a piece of bread.
Some affirm that the torrents, which fall after great rains from the mountains, wash down such a quantity of red sand as gives a tincture to the water: others tell us that the sunbeams being reverberated from the red rocks, give the sea on which they strike the appearance of that colour.
One of the Spaniards who was by, seeing him give the fellow a barbarous cut with the hatchet, which he aimed at his head, but stuck into his shoulder, so that he thought he had cut the poor creature's arm off, ran to him, and entreating him not to murder the poor man, placed himself between him and the savage, to prevent the mischief.
When the body that lived at your single will When the whimper of welcome is stilled (how still!) When the spirit that answered your every mood Is gone wherever it goes--for good, You will discover how much you care, And will give your heart to a dog to tear!
When I have got ten thousand I will give up the glass trade and become a jeweller, and devote all my time to trading in pearls, diamonds, and other precious stones.
"If you have anything to give me to eat, for God's sake give it me, and after I have eaten I will do all you ask in acknowledgment of the goodwill you have displayed towards me."