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Verb1.give voice - put into words or an expressiongive voice - put into words or an expression; "He formulated his concerns to the board of trustees"
ask - direct or put; seek an answer to; "ask a question"
evince, express, show - give expression to; "She showed her disappointment"
lexicalise, lexicalize - make or coin into a word or accept a new word into the lexicon of a language; "The concept expressed by German `Gemuetlichkeit' is not lexicalized in English"
dogmatise, dogmatize - state as a dogma
formularise, formularize - express as a formula
couch, redact, put, frame, cast - formulate in a particular style or language; "I wouldn't put it that way"; "She cast her request in very polite language"
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She shook herself free from him, breathless, consumed with an anger to which she dared not give voice. For a moment or two she was speechless.
While there is potential to succumb to polarization and conflict, arguing whose view is right and how to take action, there are also productive ways to give voice to values.
Spokesperson Barry Gutierrez said in a statement on Friday that the OVP will continue to give voice to the marginalized sector, inspired by the 62 percent approval and 56 percent trust rating recorded by the latest Pulse Asia survey.
Vivint is the first smart home services provider to give voice control to every new customer by including two Google Home Mini devices with every smart home system.
Various events would be organized in Pakistan to commemorate the day and give voice to the grievances of refugees.
Drawing inspiration from the bureaucratic form and language of government reports, Glancy's poems give voice to the Native American children whose self-identity was dissolved inside the boarding school system.
"It's my dream and passion to give voice to stories of using courage to do great things in the world and to give voice to the unspeakable," said Sasson.
New Delhi, June 15 ( ANI ): President Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday said the nation needs an army of smart, committed and idealistic people to give voice to the voiceless and produce tangible change in the society.
Now it is open with accused whether they want to give voice sample or not...."
Kat was one of more than 30 elite athletes interviewed by Steve Gilroy and Richard Stockwell for their drama The Prize, in which actors give voice to their hopes and fears.
The five short stories give voice to an African child growing up in the face of incredible adversity.
In "A Collage," 16-year-old Indiana Pehlivanova states, "The little mute girl was looking for her / Voice, in a drop of water." That search might well describe the poems contained in Tell the World, the second collection of adolescent poetry presented by WritersCorps, or serve as a metaphor for WritersCorps itself as this national alliance of writers attempts to give voice to the teens of San Francisco, Washington, DC and the Bronx.