giving medication

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: medication - the act of administering medicationgiving medication - the act of administering medication
medication - the act of treating with medicines or remedies
drip feed - the administration of a solution (blood or saline or plasma etc.) one drop at a time
drugging, sedation - the administration of a sedative agent or drug
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Not giving medication on time could also delay discharge from hospital and affect rehabilitation."
Each spends on average 30 hours a week on chores such as cleaning, shopping and giving medication to sick parents or siblings.
Anytime you are giving medication to a child, read all medication labels and know what active ingredients are in each product, Cross recommends.
We hope that this can allow nurses to give the medications to their patients without being interrupted, as the wrong interruption can mean a delay in giving something like antibiotics that need to be taken at a specific time." Disruptions can also mean mistakes when giving medication, which is potentially dangerous.
It also transpires he's also not being giving medication to the man and has been taking it away from him."
The patient would be screened on spot and if dengue is positive, the patient will be sent to the ward otherwise after giving medication the patient will be send back home.
Giving medication is not prohibited by Nurse Practice Acts, but it is often influenced by them.
With prisoners' health needs tending to be complex, with high medication levels and injuries ranging from the mundane to significant, she preferred to have a registered workforce giving medication rather than HCAs.
CAROLYN HILDEBRANDT: A Carer is someone who looks after a member of the family, friend or neighbour and can provide assistance with day to day living, shopping, cleaning, personal care, giving medication, attending hospital visits with the cared for, giving emotional support to the cared for and lots more!!
Adam faces a further six charges including giving medication to the wrong patient at the Lindisfarne Nursing Home, in Throckley, on October 1 2011.
The charity said that understanding about the condition among hospital staff remains "woefully inadequate" after the survey also found that a third of sufferers believed that staff had a "poor understanding" of the importance of giving medication for the condition on time.
The nurse also admitted other charges of failing to give an adequate verbal handover to nursing colleagues, gave oral medication to a patient classified as 'nil by mouth' and even gave out patient drugs even when she was later suspended from giving medication.