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n. pl. gla·bel·lae (-bĕl′ē)
The smooth area between the eyebrows just above the nose.

[New Latin, from feminine of Latin glabellus, hairless, diminutive of glaber.]

gla·bel′lar adj.
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Adj.1.glabellar - of or relating to the glabella
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To smooth glabellar frown lines, botulinum toxin is injected at the procerus muscle and the corrugator supercilii muscle, which are located with -2.0 mm peeled images (Fig.
CEO Dan Browne states: "We made excellent progress in the second quarter, advancing our regulatory submission for DAXI, and we remain on track to complete a compelling BLA submission for the treatment of glabellar lines in the Fall of 2019.
(2) When used to minimize glabellar frown lines and other facial wrinkles, the full effect develops in about 1 to 2 weeks.
Growing incidences of glabellar lines, face and forehead wrinkles, and crow's foot and consistent worldwide rise in cases of migraine are boosting the market.
The Ramsay sedation scale was used to measure the level of sedation and was defined as follows: 1 = anxious, agitated, and restless; 2 = cooperative, oriented, and calm; 3 = sleepy and responding to commands; 4 = rapid and strong response to light glabellar tap or a loud noise; 5 = slow response to light glabellar tap or a loud noise; and 6 = no response to light glabellar tap or a loud noise.
Several studies, including randomized controlled trials (RCTs), have provided evidence that glabellar botulinum toxin injections may be a safe and effective treatment for depression.
Bonti recently achieved topline results of the first clinical study of EB-001 in glabellar frown lines.
Evaluation of self-esteem and depression symptoms in depressed and nondepressed subjects treated with onabotulinumtoxinA for glabellar lines.
An otherwise healthy 37-day-old male presented to dermatology with a pedunculated, friable red glabellar mass (centered between the eyes).