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 (glā′brāt′, -brĭt) or gla·bres·cent (glā-brĕs′ənt)
Having few hairs; almost smooth: glabrate stems.

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Lamina of larger leaves 19-28.3 cm long, 10-16 cm wide, broadly elliptical or obovate, cuneate or rounded at base, flat or slightly revolute at margin, broadly obtuse or rounded and usually abruptly short-acuminate or apiculate at apex, adaxially glabrate at maturity except often appressed-tomentose on midrib and lateral veins near base, abaxially densely and persistently tomentose with the hairs T-shaped with the long crosspiece straight or sinuous, apparently eglandular, the principal lateral veins 10-13 on each side of midrib, very prominent abaxially and sunken adaxially in dried leaves; petiole 9-14 mm long, densely and persistently appressed-tomentose or sericeous, eglandular; stipules 1.5-3 mm long.
Leaves widely obovate to widely depressed obovate, widely elliptic to oblate, widely ovate-circular, very widely ovate to widely depressed ovate, length/width ratios 1.2-0.8:1; apices commonly retuse, sometimes rounded; crenate-dentate; leaves when yet unfolded adaxially subglabrous, with minute glandular hairs throughout, pubescent and tomentose over teeth, and puberulent here and there on surface, pubescent from a few teeth apices, tufted on midvein and some secondary veins, when newly unfolded adaxially subglabrate except at apex and base; abaxially pubescent (rays planar), golden-tomentellous, later glabrate, glabrescent, gray trichomes, with primary to fifth order veins raised; white striae (wax?) along veins.