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a. Of, relating to, or produced by a glacier.
b. Extremely slow, like the movement of a glacier: Work proceeded at a glacial pace.
a. often Glacial Characterized or dominated by the existence of glaciers. Used of a geologic epoch.
b. Pleistocene. See Table at geologic time.
3. Extremely cold; icy: a glacial rain. See Synonyms at cold.
4. Having the appearance of ice.
a. Lacking warmth and friendliness: a glacial stare.
b. Coldly detached: a glacial composure.

[French, from Old French, icy, from Latin glaciālis, from glaciēs, ice; see gel- in Indo-European roots.]

gla′cial·ly adv.
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Adv.1.glacially - by a glacier; "glacially deposited material"
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In practice, analysts of all stripes are too often glacially slow to realise this process when it is at work, let alone what it means.
Then power close the curtains on the side and rear windows and you'll be surrounded by leather and wood veneer that you know have absorbed countless hours of expensive craftsmanship on a glacially slow production line in Crewe.
The rock formation that created the lake is part of the Canadian Shield, an 8-million square mile area of glacially compressed rock.
This "tribe of conspirators" hid their intent behind the Mueller probe, which moved on glacially with devastating public effect.
The Washington DC-based Center for Strategic International Studies, Defusing the South China Sea Disputes: A Regional Blueprint (October 2018), provides guidance on three areas, namely: (1) a Code of Conduct in South China Sea that the Asean initiated and is now moving in discussions with China, albeit glacially slow for many impatient observers, (2) a fisheries management and environmental cooperation and (3) cooperation in oil and gas production.
After several months of glacially slow travel, Nansen and one companion left the ship to explore land.
Almostsix months ago WalesOnline reportedthat Michaelston y Fedw, a 300 person village, had become so frustrated with having glacially slower internet speed they had taken matters into their own hands and installed their own.
In our tests, quality was impressive, but glacially slow encoding times make AV1 a non-starter for most publishers until hardware acceleration becomes available.
Anderson, a Greenpeace Antarctic ambassador, said: "Despite scientists agreeing we urgently need massive ocean sanctuaries to protect marine life, progress is glacially slow."
However, the biggest flaw in this plan is that it would depend entirely on the element of surprise and a glacially slow response by the U.S.
The STAR will also look into the agendas of various POC committee heads who have been moving glacially, because of personal agendas.